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Nanoleaf Introduces 'Screen Mirror' Feature For An Aesthetic Experience
Nanoleaf is unquestionably one of the most popular companies to provide smart home lighting solutions.They offer are expensive add-ons to add an immersive lighting experience to your desk setup or the entertainment room.For obvious reasons, the products are considered to be premium lighting equipment for studios (or for personal usage).Now, it has introduced a new feature for its products. With the new feature – “Screen Mirror” – it will technically […]

Philips Hue Filament Among New Hue Products At IFA
The incredibly popular Philips Hue smart lights have been extended just in time for IFA 2019 in Berlin, and that includes the retro-looking, but smart & efficient, filament Edison bulbs.

Dark Lightning May Be Shooting Radition On Planes In The Sky
Joseph Dwyer, who is a lightning research at Florida Institute of Technology, claims that he has discovered a form of lightning that he now calls ‘dark lightning’. Deemed very powerful as well as invisible, dark lightning is said to release sudden pulses of unimaginably powerful radiation. Planes up in the sky are obviously susceptible to dark lightning, though they’re not at any risk from it. People inside these planes though receive […]

The Power of Zeus, In The Hands Of The U.S Military
Picatinny Arsenal, an armament company specialized in both conventional and smart weapons is working on something that goes beyond kinetic-energy weapons, which is a fancy terms to describe “throwing stuff at the adversary”. In their own words, they seek to “harness the power of lightning” – quite ambitious if you ask me.The end-game they say, is to be able to target anything that conducts electricity. To create lighting out of […]


A sound absorption wall panel that will also be able to emit LED lights
I’m sure audiophiles out there have probably dreamt up a house where it’d feature amazing acoustics, or a room that has been specially treated and will able to absorb sound, preventing it from spilling out to other rooms. Well if you’re looking to design such a room, perhaps instead of going with typical sound absorption wall coverings, how about going with a covering that can not only absorb sound, but […]

Samsung enters the US LED lighting market
Producing some of the best LED displays around especially in the TV market and in smartphones (Super AMOLED displays anyone?) Samsung is no stranger when it comes to LEDs. It looks like they’re tired of conquering the LED display market, and have their sights set on new consumer electronics – LED lighting solutions.The Korean company has announced that starting today; it will be making its first LED lamps available in […]

Antec soundscience halo 6 LED bias lighting kit makes computing less tiring
Antec has just announced the release of its soundscience halo 6 LED bias lighting kit. This lighting kit has been designed to make PC monitor backlighting affordable. The soundscience halo 6 LED bias lighting kit works by adding a ring of white backlight to PC monitors, illuminating the display from behind. This backlighting is touted to cause a reduction in eyestrain that occurs in differences in picture brightness from scene […]

Helios 700W lighting for everyone
Holding a large event often means engaging lighting experts to get the surrounding ambience just right, but what happens if you’re on a tight budget and need to keep costs to a minimum while offering enough bang for your buck? Enter the Helios 700W which is a light that was specially comissioned for events, boasting a moving head light that is sliced down in order to keep it slim and […]

LED touch-sensitive coffee table
Thanks to an array of infra-red proximity sensors, this table can “sense” when objects are on (or near) it and light itself accordingly. It works better with transparent plates or glasses and probably looks better with cocktails, so here’s your excuse for not drinking water with your friends on Friday night. You can turn the LEDs off and use it as a normal table as well. It costs $1500 to […]