I’m sure audiophiles out there have probably dreamt up a house where it’d feature amazing acoustics, or a room that has been specially treated and will able to absorb sound, preventing it from spilling out to other rooms. Well if you’re looking to design such a room, perhaps instead of going with typical sound absorption wall coverings, how about going with a covering that can not only absorb sound, but at the same time emit light as well? If that caught your attention, then the partnership between Dutch Royal Philips Electronics and Kvadrat Soft Cells could be something worth checking out.

For those unfamiliar with either company – Kvadrat Soft Cells is already known for its acoustic panels that control sound absorption, while Philips’ expertise lies in ambient lighting. Working together, they are looking to integrate Philips’ addressable and multicolored LEDs into Kvadrat’s panels.

The end result would be a series of wall panels that will not just be able to absorb sound, but also enhance the ambience by creating various “moods” thanks to the lighting provided by Philips. Both companies are targeting at the retail and hospitality industry as potential customers, although we don’t see why you could not furnish your home with it as well.

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