Samsung logoProducing some of the best LED displays around especially in the TV market and in smartphones (Super AMOLED displays anyone?) Samsung is no stranger when it comes to LEDs. It looks like they’re tired of conquering the LED display market, and have their sights set on new consumer electronics – LED lighting solutions.

The Korean company has announced that starting today; it will be making its first LED lamps available in the US. Samsung aims to push LED lighting solutions into the mainstream professional and consumer market to turn LED lamps from niche products into something popular. LED lights consume less power, last longer than regular light bulbs, and are pretty much superior in every other way. The only reason we haven’t seen a widespread adoption yet is because of its cost. But like with almost all technology – prices tend to drop with time.

Having proven themselves with high quality LEDs in their more advanced products, it’s always interesting to see a company go back to creating simpler creations. Whether or not Samsung will be successful, it’s hard to say but this should be a breather from the never-ending smartphone race littered with lawsuits from competitors. How many of you have started replacing your fluorescent light bulbs at home with LED variants?

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