Volvo Introducing High Beams That Shade Light To Other Vehicles

Driving in the middle of the night can already pose enough of a challenge to navigate through as a number of people aren’t even supposed to be driving due to the limited visibility. Driving while a car as large as a yacht behind you with its high beams on can make it even more challenging, but a new car feature will be introduced at next week’s Geneva Motor Show that […]

Soraa introduces next generation LEDs

As if LED lights weren’t efficient enough, it looks like we might be introduced to a new generation of LED lights in the future – provided Soraa’s latest technology catches on. The company will be launching its first product – the MR 16 bulb. It is meant to replace the 50-watt halogen and uses 12.5 watts while offering better beam and light quality. Soraa’s LEDs are made with an active […]

DIY solar-powered walkway leads you home when it’s dark

It’s not often you find yourself struggling to find your way to your front door in the middle of the night – unless you live in a neighborhood with no streetlamps, in an area perpetually shrouded in darkness. But just in case you do – DepotDevoid has the solution for you. He created a walkway that’s lit up by solar-powered lights. In the day time, the lights just reside on […]

LightDims stickers make sure those LEDs don’t keep you up at night

While LED lights on your electronics are useful indicators for letting you know whether your gadgets are turned on or busy working, they can be pretty annoying in the middle of the night, especially if you go to bed with them powered on. To overcome this solution, you have a few options: place an object in front of it to block it, or turn the devices so that they face […]


Wireless Cycling Indicator helps bikers show others where they’re turning

Are you a cyclist who’s always forgetting to stick your hand out to indicate that you’re turning? Wish there was an easier way to let somebody know the direction you’re headed in without sacrificing your balance? Your prayers have been answered. The Wireless Cycle Indicator available from 50cycles does the job for you. A wireless control panel that can be attached to your handle bars sends signals to this dual-colored […]

Book Table Lights offer new method to brighten your room

With the advent of electronic books, it goes without saying that the more tech savvy among you will have purchased less hardcover or softcover editions, but will look forward towards more virtual copies of actual books. Well, how about arriving at a compromise with the Book Table Lights? These not only look and feel like the real thing, it will also make reading your Kindle late at night a whole […]

Concept: Draw The Lights On Your Ceiling

Now here’s a rather interesting take on ceiling lights. Instead of having the usual boring old light bulbs, why not convert your whole ceiling to a landscape of color LEDs, all of which can be controlled by you via a “light brush”. With that, you’ll be able to create patches of light on the ceiling, or draw all sorts of interesting things on your ceiling. It’d probably give your partner […]