Solar-powered walkway

It’s not often you find yourself struggling to find your way to your front door in the middle of the night – unless you live in a neighborhood with no streetlamps, in an area perpetually shrouded in darkness. But just in case you do – DepotDevoid has the solution for you. He created a walkway that’s lit up by solar-powered lights.

In the day time, the lights just reside on the ground, soaking up the rays of the sun, biding time until it’s finally dark in the sky, when they can be put to good to use. While some people might deem it unnecessary, it never hurt anybody to place a few “green” lights out on your lawn. If you’re interested in having a solar-powered walkway of your own as well, DepotDevoid has the instructions up online for you to build one for yourself. Now your friends should have no problem finding your house in the middle of the night even if it’s their first time visiting your neighborhood.

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