Soraa MR 16As if LED lights weren’t efficient enough, it looks like we might be introduced to a new generation of LED lights in the future – provided Soraa’s latest technology catches on. The company will be launching its first product – the MR 16 bulb. It is meant to replace the 50-watt halogen and uses 12.5 watts while offering better beam and light quality. Soraa’s LEDs are made with an active material layer of gallium nitride and a gallium nitride substrate (as opposed to gallium nitride crystal grown over a substrate of sapphier like with regular LEDs).

These new LEDs are said to produce more light on a package of a given size, less wasted heat and can last longer than regular LED lighting. However, these new light bulbs are said to cost more than regular lights, which will be quite a hurdle when it comes to convincing consumers and business owners about choosing these new LEDs. It wasn’t mentioned how much the MR 16 bulb will cost on the market, but it will go on sale this quarter.

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