Were you disappointed when at WWDC Apple did not announce new MacBook Pros like the rumors said they would? If you are disappointed, you’re not alone, but at the same time, it’s hard to be surprised as WWDC is usually software focused. Sure, Apple did announce the M1 chipsets last year at WWDC, but it felt like a one-off thing.

However, it seems that maybe Apple could have had plans to announce something at the event. This is according to a tweet by Max Balzer who shared a screenshot of Apple’s live WWDC YouTube stream in which Apple had tagged the “m1x mac”. The M1X, for those unfamiliar, is said to be the next version of the M1.

It’s an interesting naming choice because for Apple’s iOS devices that use the A-series chipsets, Apple usually goes from one number to the next, and the X designation sounds like it’s more of a minor upgrade as opposed to something more major. This is odd because we would have expected Apple would have created something a bit more powerful for the 16-inch MacBook Pro refresh.

We’re not sure why the tags were included but no announcement was made. It is entirely possible it was made as a typo, or maybe Apple just wanted to help reach as many users as possible who might have been searching for the M1X, either way, we might now have to wait until Q3 2021 or later to see the new MacBook Pros.

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