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Jupiter's Europa Moon Might Be Able To Support Life
For centuries, man has looked to the sky and wondered if it’s truly alone in this vast universe and if it’s possible to sustain human life on planets other than our own. Sincere efforts are being made to answer these questions and as humans try to camp out on Mars, research continues into planets far away from Earth and their potential to harbor life. A NASA study has found that […]

Hubble Snaps Beautiful New Image Of Mars
Mars is a planet closest to the sphere we call home. It’s a planet that humans are ambitious about, that they think they will be able to make a colony on. Sincere efforts are being made to send humans to Mars in order to determine whether or not it would be possible for life to survive there. We’ve already seen countless images of Mars from afar and from the surface, […]

Scientists Discover Atomic Oxygen In Mars’s Atmosphere
Despite us humans having inhabited Earth for as long as we have, there are still plenty of things that we have yet to discover, so it shouldn’t really be a surprise that new things are being discovered on other planets such as Mars from time to time. The latest discovery comes in the form of the detection of atomic oxygen in Mars’s atmosphere.

ExoMars Mission Phase 2 Delayed Until 2020
Roscosmos, The Russian Federal Space Agency, and the European Space Agency have jointly announced today that phase 2 of the ExoMars mission has been delayed until 2020, as a result of which they will not be sending a rover to Mars until the end of this decade. The second phase of the ExoMars mission is aimed at finding out whether alien life exists on Mars, or if it has ever […]


SpaceX Will Send A Spacecraft To Mars By 2018
We know that SpaceX is very interested in going to Mars, and today we’re finding out that it wants to get this done quickly. The company has just announced its plans to send a spacecraft to the Red Planet by 2018. Given the amount of time required for conducting research and developing machines that can handle a trip to Mars, two years seems like a very ambitious timeline, but SpaceX […]

Europe And Russia Launch Joint Mission To Search For Signs Of Life On Mars
A joint mission has been launched by Roscosmos and the European Space Agency to explore the atmosphere of Mars and search for signs of life on the neighboring planet. It’s not a manned mission, they’ve sent up the unmanned ExoMars probe, the probe took off earlier today on a Russian rocket and is predicted to reach the Red Planet in October this year.

NASA's Mars Mission Is Back On Track
InSight, NASA’s next big mission to the Red Planet, is now back on track. The space agency is now looking at a May 5th, 2018 launch window with the landing expected to take place on November 26, 2018. It’s not going to be a manned mission, work is underway to make that possible, but putting humans on Mars is going to take considerably more time than just sending robots.

NASA's Laser Propulsion System Might Shorten Trip To Mars Drastically
Ah, Mars. The Red Planet has been a subject of fascination for many over the years, where there were even plans to nuke it, while various rockets by NASA has been worked on in an effort to send mankind there – with some optimistically projecting a 30-day journey to boot. Well, it looks like NASA might have broken through a new barrier this time around with their laser propulsion system […]

Elon Musk Wants To Send Humans To Mars By 2025
SpaceX is one of the few private space companies that wants to put humans on Mars as soon as possible. Company founder and CEO Elon Musk has said that he’s going to reveal the company’s plans for a Mars spacecraft later this year, adding that he wants to send humans to the neighboring planet by 2025. Musk is of the view that colonizing Mars is absolutely crucial for the survival […]

NASA Gets $55 Million To Build A Habitat On Mars By 2018
NASA and several private space companies are working hard to take man to Mars, with the idea being to establish a habitat on the Red Planet and eventually colonize it in the future. Much of this has already been done in some excellent Hollywood productions but it’s still far from reality. United States Congress does want to nudge NASA along to achieve this goal which is why it has given […]

Scientists Want To Try And Grow Potatoes On Mars
If you’ve seen The Martian movie starring Matt Damon earlier this year, you’re probably aware that Damon’s character, in order to survive on Mars with a limited supply of food, grew his own potatoes. This was done by simulating the conditions back on Earth where it would be necessary for potatoes to grow.Interestingly enough, scientists are trying to do the opposite. NASA and the Peru-based International Potato Center (CIP) will […]

Martian Mouse Spotted?
Is there more than meets the eye on the Red Planet, which is otherwise known as Mars? Perhaps, or perhaps not, but as every scientist will be able to tell you, having water alone is not good enough for a life form to survive – let alone come into being, as there are many different other variables to take into account for just the right kind of atmosphere that can […]

Mars Has Northern Lights As Well
We live on a very beautiful planet, no doubt about it, and one of the sights that is worth checking out no matter your age in order to imbue a sense of awe and wonder in you would be the aurora borealis and aurora australis: where they happen to be nighttime light shows that are triggered whenever the Earth’s magnetic field funnels electrons and protons from the sun to polar […]

Russia Will Be Sending Humans To The Moon
It has been a while since man stepped on the Moon and Roscosmos wants to fix that, it’s the Russian Federal Space Agency for those who don’t know it by its more common name, the agency has announced today that it will be sending humans to the Moon. The announcement was made at a space and technology conference in Moscow by head of Roscosmos Energia Vladimir Solntsev. This is just […]