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Hot Wheels Video Racer Vehicle
[CES 2011] Remember the VholdR ContourHD action camera that is mounted on your helmet before you perform some sort of death-defying stunt? Well, Mattel intends to miniaturize that experience (albeit at the price of quality, of course) with their Hot Wheels Video Racer Vehicle. What makes this Video Racer interesting is, the race car itself sports a camera lens on the front, a USB port at the back, and an […]

Angry Birds Knock On Wood game
[CES 2011] Normally, the analog world ends up being digitized, but here is something different. The Angry Birds phenomenon has made its way from the virtual digital world to the real world, thanks to good ol’ fashioned plastic and some imaginative executives from Mattel. We’re talking about the Angry Birds Knock On Wood game, where your physical reality will see a tabletop format of this hit game. Player One will […]

Stealth Rides from Mattel fits into your wallet, sorta
Mention Mattel and what comes to your mind? Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels? There’s a new line from the toy company which is roughly the size of a credit card and is as slim as a cellphone (which varies in thickness, depending on whether you’re talking about a modern day version or one of those old clunkers), known as Stealth Rides. What makes it stand out (literally) would be its […]