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MediaTek Has Plans For A Low-Cost Face Unlocking System
Facial recognition tools aren’t exactly new, and in the past we have seen how Android has attempted to incorporate it as a security feature. However it’s safe to say that no one has really achieved the same level of success as Apple has with Face ID, but MediaTek is hoping to change that.

Apple Updates French Website In Support Of Charlie Hebdo
The world is still reeling from the deadly terrorist attack which left four cartoonists dead from satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, not to mention another 8 other lives perished, in Paris. This has led to just about every right thinking and rational individual to rally behind Charlie Hebdo, and Apple has also modified their website to reflect this – by revealing a full width batter in black that reads “Je suis […]

Charlie Hebdo Will Print 1M Copies With Google’s Help
We knew that the surviving staff of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack was going to print a new edition next week, but Google has stepped in to help Charlie Hebdo print 1M copies of the Jan 14 edition – which is far higher than its usual circulation, which is about 50,000 (per week). This is coming from Google’s Press Innovation Fund and would equate to about 250,000 euros of printing costs. […]

Our Galaxy Note 3 Text Got Ripped Off And Made Its Way To YouTube In New Splog Format
Yesterday, we reported on a rumor from The Korea Times which gave us a look into what the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could include, which would be a 6.3-inch display and Samsung’s new Exynos 5 Octa processor. The article was probably one of the finest pieces of literature ever written on the Internet, which is why it pains us to see the content of that article make its way to a […]


Xbox 360 Media Remote
The Xbox 360 has undeniably become much more than a game console, and with the recent announcement of Xbox TV in addition of the existing Hulu and Netflix support, it’s clear that Xbox 360 needed… a media remote, which will arrive on the market at $19.99 on November 2011.Obviously, there is some overlap with the Xbox controller: directions and A,B,X,Y buttons are present to deal with basic user interface elements. […]

Genius Wireless LuxeMate T810 Media Cruiser now on sale
Folks looking for a keyboard to control their Home Theater PC (HTPC) can do no wrong with Genius‘ latest offering. Called the LuxeMate T810 Media Cruiser, this keyboard, remote control and mouse combo works wirelessly to control your Windows Media Center PC system.It features 34 hotkeys you can use to customize to your favorite functions/channels etc, while its remote control can be used to control your TV, DVD player, or […]

VMIX brings live and on-demand video rental to Facebook
Yesterday we mentioned that Warner Brothers will be adding 5 new movies to their Facebook movie rental service, and today it looks like they’ll have some competition in the near future. VMIX has just announced VMIX Social – an on-demand video service that will allow media companies to rent out movies through them. In addition to bringing on-demand content to Facebook, VMIX Social will also support streaming live video content […]

JetStreamHD: Media Streaming from Home Network to the iPad
[DEMO 2011] The JetStreamHD box promises to stream all your digital media stored anywhere on a home computer network to your iPad while you are on the go or at home relaxing. The company claims to be the first one to launch such a product and to offer a user friendly device “without upfront planning, conversion headaches, download time, sync hassles, or iPad memory limits”. I have not seen a […]

Mo-DV Enables Studios To Distribute Content On MicroSD Cards For Android Devices
At the rate we’re going with technology, it’s rather surprising that we aren’t buying movies and music stored on SD cards or other forms of flash media at stores instead of DVDs and CDs. Media has been offered on flash storage before, but it never seemed to catch on. Now the folks over at Mo-DV have announced that the Mo-DV Universal Player is now enabling major movie studios to securely […]

Disney Asks Users to Share Memories on Newly Launched Social Media Site
Mickey and friends are launching a new social media site called Disney Memories where Disney is asking you to share your favorite memories about your experiences with Disney and its theme parks. Disney Memories will be a portal where users can upload photos, videos, and experiences, and share them with the Internet. However, in doing so, users will also, by agreeing to the End User Licensing Agreement, agree to have […]

Latest Rumored Delays Behind Google Music Service Makes 2010 Launch Unlikely
The latest rumors behind Google Music, a streaming music service, may make the launch of said service unlikely for 2010. Google Music was at one point rumored to appear alongside Android 3.0 Gingerbread, but it seems that Android head Andy Rubin is no where close to securing a deal with record labels in time for the holidays. If true, this could potentially delay the launch of Google Music to 2011, […]

WePad Details and Plans Revealed
We’ve talked about a few technical details of the WePad before, but now we have all the specifications, along with a table (partially in German) that compares it with the iPad (click on the title to head to the full post). This Android-powered tablet will have access to the Android Market Place, but also to a WePad AppStore. The WePad has been built to consume digital newspaper and magazine and, […]

Popbox: a media portal for local and web content
[CES 2010] Syabas Technology just launched Popbox, a set top box that aims at being a portal to your home (networked) content but also for web content. The box itself is quite small (7″ long) but packs a video processor that should be capable of decoding the most demanding 1080p video files. It is fanless, so it will be absolutely silent, and it consumes only 15W. As a network device, […]

Liquid: a new digital media guide by Rovi
The idea of having a cool guide pre-installed in TVs kicks ass Rovi is the new name of Macrovision, the company behind the DVD content protection system. Rovi just announced Liquid, a media guide that connects users to “content”. With Liquid, “content” can be anything: photos, music, Cable TV programs, free web videos or even online video services like Blockbuster OnDemand – the partnership has been announced today. Liquid can […]