apple-je-suis-charlieThe world is still reeling from the deadly terrorist attack which left four cartoonists dead from satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, not to mention another 8 other lives perished, in Paris. This has led to just about every right thinking and rational individual to rally behind Charlie Hebdo, and Apple has also modified their website to reflect this – by revealing a full width batter in black that reads “Je suis Charlie.”

The black banner on has been specially emblazoned with a stylized “Je suis Charlie” (I am Charlie) logo, which is the similar mark that can be seen on Charlie Hebdo’s very own website. Not only that, this particular sign is also bandied by those participating in mass vigils throughout Europe, and “Je suis Charlie” happens to be the call for solidarity to boot.

This particular update is a tasteful one in view of the times, and it comes at a time when Apple just introduced a worldwide promotion which will promote visual arts that were created using its brand of hardware and software. Google has done something more concrete than just putting up a banner – they have offered to help in the printing costs of 1 million copies of the next edition – which some have touted would amount to 250,000 Euros from the Google Press Innovation Fund.

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