[DEMO 2011] The JetStreamHD box promises to stream all your digital media stored anywhere on a home computer network to your iPad while you are on the go or at home relaxing. The company claims to be the first one to launch such a product and to offer a user friendly device “without upfront planning, conversion headaches, download time, sync hassles, or iPad memory limits”.
I have not seen a demo yet, but I can imagine that it would be pretty cool to instantly access and stream all my media content stored in my home server directly on my iPad, and this, wherever I am in the world.

JetStreamHD for the iPad, is available starting today for pre-order in Canada and the United States at the time-limited special price of $119 USD from the JetStreamHD website . Additional mobile formats will be supported and announced later this year.

Product Highlights, from the press release:jetstreamHD

– easy and fast setup: plug the JetStreamHD box into your home router and download the free iPad app. Within a few minutes, it discovers all of the media stored in any format, including 1080p HD, on any computer, media server or NAS attached to your network. Media content is immediately available for viewing on your iPad.

-iPad app: it helps users search, sort and filter media content by movie, genre, rating, date added and more,  JetStreamHD automatically adds media cover art, plot summaries and other important data.

– Instant access without any upfront work: the company promises to avoid the hassle ofvideo file format conversion and claims to offer “to start the selected media playing in the best possible resolution without stuttering, just with one touch”

Optimized mobile viewing experience over any connection – JetStreamHD’s hardware converts any format in real-time to accommodate your mobile device and adaptively adjusts the streaming bit-rate to make best use of the available Wi-Fi or 3G connection strength. Unlike other solutions, you don’t use one of your home computers to act as the streaming server. Check the complete specifications list, for video formats and codecs supported.

– Supports for Apple TV: JetStreamHD streams any video from a home-based media library to any local Apple TV unit using AirPlay, so you can view your media on the TV screen as well.

– Supports Multiple iPads usage at the same time: more than one iPad user can stream media at the same time or listen to streamed music while also viewing streamed photos or using another iPad app.

More information on the product page.

I will update this article when I can check on the product at DEMO

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