Latest Rumored Delays Behind Google Music Service Makes 2010 Launch Unlikely

The latest rumors behind Google Music, a streaming music service, may make the launch of said service unlikely for 2010. Google Music was at one point rumored to appear alongside Android 3.0 Gingerbread, but it seems that Android head Andy Rubin is no where close to securing a deal with record labels in time for the holidays. If true, this could potentially delay the launch of Google Music to 2011, though Reuters is reporting that record labels are still open on trying to break free of Apple’s control of the music industry with its iTunes ecosystem.

It’s still unclear how Google would eventually operate Google Music, though many are speculating that Google has its eyes set on streaming as the company had recently acquired Simplify Media, a company that had made a streaming service for iOS devices to stream tunes from a user’s computer to an iPhone or iPod Touch. Whether Google will stream from the cloud or via a connected computer over wireless (3G, WiFi, 4G) to a user’s Android smartphone is unknown also. Rumors have it that Google may set up a digital content locker for users to place their songs and have those stream to any Internet-connected device, though a tie-in with Android would be likely.

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