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Meizu MX6 Has Been Officially Announced
Back in the day when we’d think of handsets made by Chinese OEMs, we’d probably not think too much of them. Fast forward to today, many Chinese OEMs are quickly catching up to the likes of Apple and Samsung, and this is despite the fact that many of these phones tend to be kept within China or the Asian region.

Meizu Lines Up Blue Charm Metal 2
You know how a particular device is all set for a market release when it starts to appear in certification bodies such as TENAA (where over in China, it is somewhat the equivalent of the FCC in the US). Well, the folks over at Meizu are not keeping their cards close to the chest where the Blue Charm Metal 2 is concerned, especially since this particular model has already passed […]

Meizu M3 Sports A Metal Variant
It does seem as though China smartphone manufacturer, Meizu, are all stoked to release their Meizu m3 smartphone some time next month – the 13th of June, if one were to be exact. This new variant will be different from the vanilla version for the very simple fact that it will boast of a metallic design. Apart from that, it will be powered by the Android 5.1 Lollipop mobile operating […]

Meizu MX6 Could Arrive In Two Variants
When it comes to modern day smartphones, it does look as though manufacturers are pretty keen to introduce variants to a particular range, as it not only helps them expand their product line, customers too, would be able to enjoy a variety of choice. With Meizu’s upcoming MX6, that could jolly well be the case, where there are whispers of two hardware versions that might arrive when the handset makes […]


Meizu Could Release Edge Device
Samsung must have made the world sit up and take notice when it first revealed its Galaxy S6 edge last year, and that particular model proved to be even more popular than the Galaxy S6 itself, despite carrying a heftier price tag. Perhaps it was the novelty of it all, or for the simple fact that it simply works, no questions asked. Clearly inspired by the South Korean conglomerate, Meizu […]

Meizu Eyes U.S. Entry With Crowdfunded Wi-Fi Speaker
Meizu is one of the many Chinese smartphone manufacturers doing very well on home ground but almost unheard of in other markets, particularly the United States, which is a very lucrative market for consumer electronic devices. It’s looking to make an entry into the United States but not by selling smartphones, it’s going to start its journey in the U.S. market by selling a crowdfunded Wi-Fi speaker called Gravity.

Meizu Claims Pro 6 Is The First 10 Core Smartphone
Meizu had previously confirmed that it would unveil the Pro 6 on April 13th and it’s done just that today. The Pro 6 is Meizu’s new flagship smartphone and the company claims that this is the world’s first 10 core smartphone. It features a decacore processor with 4GB RAM, 32GB onboard storage and a 21 megapixel rear camera with a ring flash.

Meizu M3 Note Flash Sale Sold Out In 7 Minutes
What do you think of the marketing strategy that involves the likes of flash sales, bringing out one particular batch of handsets and putting them for sale online, before the next batch arrives? It might sound rather opportunistic at first, but it is a strategy that has proven itself to work time and again. Hence, it is not surprising to see China company Meizu go ahead with a flash sale […]

Meizu Pro 6 Set For Unveiling This April 13
Tomorrow will mark the moment the world is introduced to the highly anticipated and well leaked HTC 10 (and who knows,we might also see the introduction of the HTC 10 Lifestyle as well), but this does not mean that the new smartphone release train stops there. In fact, we have received word that Meizu of China will do their bit to reveal the Meizu Pro 6 a day after – […]

Meizu M3 Note Spotted In AnTuTu Benchmark
It was close to a week ago that we brought you word on how the Meizu m3 note is all set to arrive in the market later this 6th of April, but apart from that suggested release date, there has been nothing else but speculations concerning the hardware that will accompany the device underneath the hood. Well, thankfully the Meizu m3 note has been spotted on the AnTuTu benchmark, where […]

Meizu 2016 Range Leaked
It looks like Meizu is pretty proud of their upcoming Meizu Pro 6 smartphone, never mind the fact that this is one particular handset that has not yet been recognized officially. In fact, Meizu does not look all that content by rolling out just one or two handsets this year, but rather, has an entire range ready and waiting to hit the masses – and all of these have been […]

Meizu M3 Note Set To Arrive This April 6th
What is it with April 6th that has gotten the folks over at Huawei and Meizu so excited about? We do know that the Huawei P9 has already been slated for a release then, and it does look as though Meizu too, has picked on the same date in order to make the unveiling of its upcoming Meizu m3 note.

Meizu Debunks iPhone 7 Leak, Claims It Belongs To Their Pro 6
According to leaked renderings and photos, it seems that the upcoming iPhone 7 will sport redesigned antennas. This is why when a new photo was leaked yesterday, it was assumed that it belonged to the iPhone 7 as well due to the similarities in design. Unfortunately the latest leaked photo is not the iPhone 7.

Meizu Pro 6 To Get 3D Touch?
3D Touch (or 3D Force touch, or whatever monikers that are attached to the same idea) happens to be a feature that is limited to a handful of devices, and most of these devices happen to be flagship models to boot (for obvious reasons), which means the likes of the alleged 4” iPhone 5se would miss out on it. Having said that, Meizu’s upcoming flagship device, the Meizu Pro 6, […]