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FCC Approves T-Mobile, MetroPCS Merger
It looks as though those reports of T-Mobile possibly laying off over 100 people once it merges with MetroPCS is one step closer to become true as not only did the Department of Justice give the A-OK for the merger to occur, but today, the FCC also gave their blessing for the merger.FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski released a statement in regards to the merger saying is “in the public interest” as […]

T-Mobile Reportedly Planning Layoffs Prior To MetroPCS Merger
Earlier this morning, the US Department of Justice gave the T-Mobile / MetroPCS merger  its official green light in the form of a 30-day waiting period, which expires is there are no objections made within those 30 days. But it looks as though T-Mobile is a little too eager to get the merger ball rolling as it seems the company may already be performing a significant round of layoffs within […]

AT&T, T-Mobile to postpone court proceedings for a month
The AT&T and T-Mobile merger deal isn’t looking so good. Some analysts have even gone as far as claiming that the deal is on its death bed, although given the huge obstacles and the amount of opposition that both AT&T and T-Mobile had to face, we can’t help but agree to a certain extent, but it seems that AT&T is now trying to salvage what’s left of the deal by […]

AT&T withdraws FCC approval application for T-Mobile merger
If you’re the type that believes in negative energy and whatnot, it appears that with all of their detractors and even the government going against their merger, AT&T has withdrawn their application from the FCC that requested approval for a merger between AT&T and T-Mobile, a deal that was valued at $39 billion.


Microsoft welcomes Skype officially
We all know that Microsoft picked up Skype for a cool $8.5 billion in May earlier this year, with boards of directors from both Microsoft and Skype having approved the acquisition previously. Well, not much was heard concerning this merger since then, but at least Microsoft has stepped forward at long last to welcome Skype to their fold in an official manner. Basically, Skype is now part of Microsoft, with […]

Rhapsody picks up Napster
Rhapsody must have looked upon Napster with a longing, and in another case of a corporate giant swallowing up smaller entities, America’s largest on-demand music service has decided to fork out the dough to acquire Napster’s subscriber base in order to extend their leadership position to the next level.

Google/Motorola Mobility deal to be further looked into by DOJ
The AT&T and T-Mobile merger has been getting quite a bit of attention lately, with just about everyone thinking that this is a bad move. Meanwhile another major acquisition, Google and Motorola Mobility, has been rather quiet and keeping to the background, at least until now where the DOJ (Department of Justice) has decided to take a closer look at the $12.5 billion deal.

Verizon appears to be in support of AT&T/T-Mobile merger
The AT&T and T-Mobile merger is certainly not looking well at the moment. It seems that there are many who do not wish to see the merger go through, among them being Sprint and Cellular South and even the Department of Justice, with all three tossing lawsuits AT&T’s way in order to prevent the merger from happening. Understandably Sprint and Cellular South, both carriers, do not want to see it […]

AT&T attempting to sell their assets to their rivals?
While the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile benefits both companies the most, and even though on paper they claim that it will benefit the rest of the country, not many are convinced, especially with the DoJ launching a lawsuit in an attempt to stop the merger and lately with seven states coming forward and opposing the merger as well. 

Seven states oppose AT&T-T-Mobile merger
Bad news for AT&T and those in favor of the carrier’s attempted acquisition of T-Mobile. It looks like the Department of Justice has garnered more troops in support of opposing the merger. It has been reported that seven states will be backing the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against AT&T. The seven states against the merger are: New York, Washington, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio and Pennsylvania. With over a third of […]

Department of Justice files to block AT&T-T-Mobile deal
It looks like AT&T’s plans to acquire T-Mobile might be coming to a halt. This morning, the Department of Justice has been reported to have filed a petition to block the takeover. According to the Department of Justice, the merger would “result tens of millions of consumers” facing fewer choices when it comes to picking a carrier, and will force them to pay higher prices. AT&T’s acquisition would also mean […]

Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi merge LCD operations
Mergers often end up with some corners being cut (cost savings in corporate parlance), resulting in a leaner and often meaner entity. Of course, there will be collateral damage along the way, but then again that is to be expected. The latest news that is going around would be three Japanese giants, Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi working together to merge their liquid-crystal display (LCD) operations by taking advantage of the […]

Moogle and the Future of Mobile
This morning, we covered the unexpected acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google for $12B, which is a huge premium (60%+) compared to the market value of Motorola Mobile on the previous day. Mobile technology is currently THE hot business topic with about 80% of market growth year-over-year in the Smartphone segment in Q1 2011.The patent war: providing new revenue streams to outsiders, slowing down AndroidThe patent war has been raging […]

Sprint interferes with AT&T-T-Mobile acquisition
AT&T’s plan to acquire T-Mobile has been hotly debated ever since it was proposed. Consumers are all for improved network service and coverage a result of the merger, but on the other hand consumers don’t want AT&T and Verizon to have a monopoly over the nation’s wireless services. With the country’s networks so sparse but only controlled by two major entities, it could lead to a lack of growth when […]