Dan Hesse of SprintAT&T’s plan to acquire T-Mobile has been hotly debated ever since it was proposed. Consumers are all for improved network service and coverage a result of the merger, but on the other hand consumers don’t want AT&T and Verizon to have a monopoly over the nation’s wireless services. With the country’s networks so sparse but only controlled by two major entities, it could lead to a lack of growth when it comes to innovation of the country’s networks. Because when there is no competition, companies won’t feel any need to improve their services.


Sprint definitely doesn’t want any of it from happening if they can help it and the company’s CEO, Dan Hesse, has been using every trick up his sleeve.  According to a recent report by Bloomberg, it looks like he’s only just getting started. Dan Hesse has been spending time organizing industry opposition, filing complaints with the FCC, and even sending Sprints own engineers to AT&T to teach them that they can get more capacity from its own network without having to acquire T-Mobile!

While it’s uncertain how effective Hesse’s campaign against AT&T will be, his efforts shouldn’t go unapplauded. Because right now, it really looks like it’s one man against the world, with AT&T receiving the backing of major companies for the merger attempt, it’s really hard to tell which side the FCC will favor. What are your predictions for the AT&T-T-Mobile acquisition? Do you think it’ll receive the approval it needs to go through?

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