AT&T logoWhile the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile benefits both companies the most, and even though on paper they claim that it will benefit the rest of the country, not many are convinced, especially with the DoJ launching a lawsuit in an attempt to stop the merger and lately with seven states coming forward and opposing the merger as well. 

One of the reasons behind the opposition was because many believed it would give AT&T too big of a control over the cellular network, and in an effort to seem like they do care about competition, AT&T is reportedly approaching their rivals to sell off some of their assets in order to get the merger approved.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, AT&T has approached their smaller rivals such as MetroPCS, Leap Wireless, CenturyLink, Dish Network and even Sprint Nextel, who was probably the loudest voice among all the other carriers to oppose the merger, launching their very own antitrust lawsuit after the DoJ had filed theirs. Not much is known surrounding the details of the talks as they are private according to the source.

Bloomberg seems to think that these remedies may not be sufficient in the eyes of the Justice Department, but what do you think? Given all the hurdles and obstacles that AT&T has had to face surrounding this merger, do you think there’s a chance it could succeed?

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