The AT&T and T-Mobile merger is certainly not looking well at the moment. It seems that there are many who do not wish to see the merger go through, among them being Sprint and Cellular South and even the Department of Justice, with all three tossing lawsuits AT&T’s way in order to prevent the merger from happening. Understandably Sprint and Cellular South, both carriers, do not want to see it go through as it undoubtedly would make it incredibly hard for them to run their business, but Verizon has been oddly quiet, at least until now.


Verizon’s Lowell McAdam spoke up recently about the merger and if you thought that he would be against it as well, you’d be wrong. Speaking at an investor conference, he was quoted as saying:

“It had to occur, because you had a company with a T-Mobile that had the spectrum but didn’t have the capital to build it out. AT&T needed the spectrum, they didn’t have it in order to take care of their customers, and so that match had to occur.”

It seems strange that Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile’s competitor, would want to see the merger go through, although some are thinking that perhaps Verizon is thinking long term and that should the merger go through, it would set a precedent that Verizon would be able to use in the future for their own agendas.

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