AT&T logoThe AT&T and T-Mobile merger deal isn’t looking so good. Some analysts have even gone as far as claiming that the deal is on its death bed, although given the huge obstacles and the amount of opposition that both AT&T and T-Mobile had to face, we can’t help but agree to a certain extent, but it seems that AT&T is now trying to salvage what’s left of the deal by requesting the judge to delay the court battle against the Department of Justice by a month.

The good news for them is that the judge agreed to the delay, thus allowing time for AT&T to formulate a new plan or some kind of exit strategy that would allow them to back out gracefully. At the moment it seems that AT&T is considering revising their deal in hopes that by restructuring it, it would gain the necessary approval for it to go through.

However some are speculating that AT&T could be using this time to renegotiate the breakup fee with T-Mobile, a fee that they would have to pay T-Mobile should the deal fall through. That number is currently set at $4 billion so we guess we can’t say we’re surprised to hear that AT&T might be looking to lower those figures. Either way it’s starting to look as though we might be seeing an end to the AT&T/T-Mobile saga.

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