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Blue Yeti nano Microphone: Hands-On
Blue (a logitech company) is introducing the Yeti nano ($99.99), a high-quality desktop microphone that connects over USB to a computer or compatible phones (via a USB OTG adapter). Designed for recording and streaming, the Yeti nano is a more compact and more affordable version of the universally praised Yeti microphone ($129.99).

Blue Yeti Nano Podcast Microphone Announced
Blue is a company that many might be familiar with if they are looking for audio products, such as microphones. Just last month Logitech announced that they would be acquiring the company, and for those who might be wondering what this means for Blue, it appears that things haven’t changed, at least for now.

Mogees microphone lets you make music anytime, anywhere
Mogees – while that might sound like some sort of new Pokemon name that is ripe for adoption, it actually stands for “mosaicing gestural surface”, and is a contact microphone which enables just about any surface to be transformed into a musical instrument. Hence, those of you with a musical ear or at least have a talent for churning out a decent tune or two, can always experiment with Mogees […]

MXL Tempo USB microphone is iPad compatible
A while back we reported on Griffin’s GuitarConnect Pro that basically allowed guitarists/bassists to connect their instruments directly into the iPad. Well when you’re done laying down the guitar tracks for your song and it’s time to add vocals, instead of relying on the iPad’s microphone, how about taking a look at Marshall Electronics’ MXL Tempo USB microphone instead?


Zoom H2n Handy Recorder is now available
If you need a portable recording device that features better capabilities than your smartphone when it comes to capturing audio, Zoom has the answer for you. Introduced back in July, the H2n Handy Recorder, is a handheld recorder that packs groundbreaking features in an ultra-portable body to let you record pristine audio anywhere you go.The Zoom H2n is probably the only portable recorder around that carries five studio-quality microphones onboard, which […]

JBL On Tour iBT UFO shaped Bluetooth speakers
If you’re shopping around for a set of portable speakers to take with you while on the go, JBL may have the answer for you with their JBL On Tour iBT speakers that is available for a price of $199.99.

Zoom H2n Handy Recorder: the next generation of portable recording
Need a portable recorder but find that the microphone on your smartphone or PMP isn’t doing a very good job? Well the folks over at Zoom have launched a new portable voice recorder that is designed to capture high quality audio straight from the source itself. Called the Zoom H2n Handy Recorder, what separates this portable recorder from the competition is the presence of five studio-quality microphones onboard. Overkill? Possibly.Well, […]

Mike: Apogee's studio quality microphone for the iPad, iPhone and Mac
Apogee Electronics has just introduced their latest audio recording device designed to work with iPads, iPhones and Macs. Called Mike, it is a microphone that is touted to bring studio quality recordings to your iOS devices and Mac computers. Designed to work especially with GarageBand, Apogee’s microphone gives you the ability to record in studio quality anything you want- from vocals to acoustic guitars, pianos, percussion and basically everything under […]

I Am T-Pain now on your microphone
If there’s one thing that really changed our music industry, it has got to be the introduction of Auto-Tune. In case you didn’t know what Auto-Tune is, it is a pitch correction tool used by music producers to ensure that artistes hit their notes perfectly on their recordings. But seeing how music is all about creativity, Auto-Tune has been used to purposely modify a singer’s voice to give them a […]

Olympus TP-7 is a useful gadget for recording phone calls
Face it – not everyone has a “modern” cellphone in this day and age, and people still use regular telephones to make phone calls – if rates are cheaper and connections are more stable, why not right? But what if you had an out of date phone and had to record a phone conversation say for the purpose of an interview?

Samson Meteor Microphone
Now here is something worth checking out if you want a classic looking microphone in your audio set up – the Samson Meteor Microphone. Boasting a lovely polished chrome finish, the Samson Meteor Microphone consists of a 25mm diaphragm condensor inside, having a 20Hz – 20kHz frequency response that is more than capable of outperform most integrated microphones that come with basic video recording devices, and is a snap to […]

Scosche freedomMIC Brings Bluetooth Microphone to Flip
Scosche is introducing a Bluetooth microphone dubbed the freedomMIC for the Flip Ultra HD and Mino HD pocket camcorders. The implementation is similar to the Blue Microphone Mikey in that there is an adapter that plugs into the Flip’s ports at the bottom, but instead of having the microphone be built into the adapter, a separate clip-on microphone can be attached to the Flip and transmit recorded audio wirelessly via […]

Blue Mikey microphone
Blue has unveiled its second generation Blue Mikey for the iPhone and iPod touch, where this model will boast a 7-angle adjustable design that makes it a snap to pick up a wider array of sounds no matter where you are. There are also 3 different gain levels to play around with, where they are adjustable via a hardware switch. If you want to keep it juiced, a mini-USB port […]

XLR To USB Cable For Your Microphone
Want to make your lovely singing voice known to the whole world? Well, you’ll need to be able to record your voice into something, and if you’ve got an XLR microphone, you’re halfway there. Now all you need is an XLR to USB cable (surprisingly spelt “mike cable”). If you’re serious about your singing, you’re certainly going to want to ditch the standard 3.5mm headphone jack for this. You’ll need […]