I Am T-Pain Mic

If there’s one thing that really changed our music industry, it has got to be the introduction of Auto-Tune. In case you didn’t know what Auto-Tune is, it is a pitch correction tool used by music producers to ensure that artistes hit their notes perfectly on their recordings. But seeing how music is all about creativity, Auto-Tune has been used to purposely modify a singer’s voice to give them a robotic quality to how they sound. Case in point, one of the biggest hip-hop stars in today’s world: T-Pain (or Cher if you’re unfamiliar with T-Pain). This guy has been known to use Auto-Tune so extensively that it’s become his trademark sound, and people have been capitalizing on the fact. First up we had the I Am T-Pain iPhone app last year when you could sing into your iPhone and have your voice “tuned” to sound like T-Pain. And now, it’s been taken one step further with the “I Am T-Pain Mic“. All you have to do is sing into this toy and the microphone will play it back in T-Pain’s signature voice. In fact, you can even record your singing and transfer the file to your PC if you feel so inclined to. Whether you’re willing to shell out another $40 for this device is another story, but I’m pretty sure it’ll find its way into the hands of some T-Pain fans out there. What will they come up with next? Pills to swallow so you sound like T-Pain?

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