Mogees – while that might sound like some sort of new Pokemon name that is ripe for adoption, it actually stands for “mosaicing gestural surface”, and is a contact microphone which enables just about any surface to be transformed into a musical instrument. Hence, those of you with a musical ear or at least have a talent for churning out a decent tune or two, can always experiment with Mogees and expand your musical horizons. You are able to attach it to a tree, mirror, glass or even a balloon – and start to “perform” right there and then. The microphone can be assigned so that different sounds are generated from different gestures.

If you want to change the tone of the sound, that can be done depending on the kind of material and texture that you are currently “making music” on. For instance, a tree trunk might result in a deeper and more hollow sound, while a window would obviously let tinkles and high pitches be the order of the day. Bruno Zamborlin is the brain behind Mogees, and obviously being a PHD student at the University of London does reflect his mental ability to think up of newer and zanier items.

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