Blue is a company that many might be familiar with if they are looking for audio products, such as microphones. Just last month Logitech announced that they would be acquiring the company, and for those who might be wondering what this means for Blue, it appears that things haven’t changed, at least for now.

Update: we got our hands on an actual Blue Yeti nano unit.

This is because about a month after Logitech’s acquisition, Blue has launched its latest product in the form of the Blue Yeti Nano (pictured above to the right). For those familiar with Blue’s products, the Yeti Nano is essentially the smaller version of the company’s larger Yeti microphone, a device that appears to be a favorite by many podcasters.

As pointed out by The Verge, its predecessor was a bit too big and also relied on the use of the mini USB connector, which let’s face it isn’t as popular or commonly used these days. With the Yeti Nano, Blue has managed to shrink down the size of the microphone and also halved its price where it is now priced at $99.

Blue claims that the Yeti Nano will continue to feature the same quality that users have come to known, such as support for 24-bit/48kHz sample rates. However given its size, it does give up some features, such as the number of condenser mic capsules in which the Yeti Nano has two versus the Yeti’s three. It also features single-target and omnidirectional modes, whereas the larger Yeti support four different sound recording modes.

However if you’re not looking for much and don’t typically host large podcasts with many guests or speakers, then the Yeti Nano should be more than capable of getting the job done. Head on over to Blue’s website to get your hands on it.

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