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Evernote, Uber And PayPal Add-Ins Arrive For Outlook
Not too long ago Microsoft showed off a preview of the new that brings some powerful features such as a refined inbox, multiple new ways to collaborate as well as support for partner add-ins. Partners can use this feature to bring their own services within Outlook, the latest partners to join the list include Evernote, Boomerang Uber and PayPal. Aside from announcing these new partners Microsoft says that it’s also expanding […]

How To Stop Outlook’s Security Warnings
Outlook (2007 to current) has started to give me security warnings about an application that wanted to access my email and contacts (it’s called programmatic access). The message reads:A program is trying to access e-mail address information stored in Outlook. If this is unexpected, click deny and verify your antivirus software is up-to-date. For more information about email safety and about how you might be able to avoid getting this […]

Dropbox For iOS Will Soon Let You Directly Create MS Office Documents
Microsoft has taken its partnership with Dropbox to new heights recently so it’s not surprising to see that their services are now tightly integrated. Clearly they’re not content with just allowing users to create Office files stored in Dropbox within Office Online or automatic sync of changes made to the original file on the cloud storage service. This is probably why the Dropbox for iOS app will soon let you […]

How To Convert PDF to Word Document (Different Methods)
Convert your PDF file into Word file using different tools. Choose the method which fulfills your need best.


Microsoft Office For iOS Goes Free For All
Under Satya Nadella Microsoft is taking some rather intriguing steps. Just yesterday the company announced that it is integrating Dropbox with Office, so files stored in the former’s cloud can be opened up and edited directly through Office apps on mobile. Microsoft has made another Office-related announcement today. It has announced that starting today Microsoft Office for iOS will be free.

Samsung Embraces Microsoft Word
Microsoft makes a very popular productivity suite known as Office, Word is an integral part of the suite as its the word processor. The Office suite and its various applications are not only used by individuals and students around the world they’re also used and appreciated by businesses both big and small. Now Redmond can add yet another big corporation to its list of clients. Samsung has decided to give […]

Microsoft Office Remote App For Windows Phone 8 Launched
Its not always easy to make a presentation in a room full of people, whether you’re in a boardroom and the stakes are quite high or you’re in class talking about the solar system, you would want the presentation to go as smoothly as possible. The Microsoft Research and Office engineering teams have collaborated to develop a new app that’s likely to be of immense help during presentations. Called the […]

Office For iPad To Come After Touch Friendly Windows Version Is Released
There has been a lot of speculation as to when Microsoft will release Office for iPad. The company’s suite of productivity applications, Word, Excel and PowerPoint in particular, are some of the most widely used productivity softwares around the world. There’s naturally going to be demand for an iPad version, given the insane amount of tablets Apple has moved in just under four years. Outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer reiterated […]

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Hints At Office For iOS, Android
It should be no surprise to those who follow the tech industry to hear Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will be retiring within a year. Whether or not he was forced out due to the Microsoft Surface RT debacle is certainly up for debate, but the Ballmer certainly isn’t going down without revealing some secrets the company has been holding on to for quite some time. Specifically, Microsoft Office for iOS and […]

Microsoft Office For Android Released
A few weeks after releasing Office for iPhone, Microsoft today announced the launch of Office for Android. Any smartphone running version 4.0 or higher would be able to install the Office app. It brings Word, PowerPoint and Excel though there’s a little caveat. Microsoft isn’t offering a standalone version that one can purchase, the app itself is free, but users will require a Microsoft Office 365 subscription in order to […]

Microsoft Office Available On iPhone; Requires Office 365 Subscription
Microsoft Office is now available on iOS.

Office For Android And iOS Allegedly Delayed Till October 2014
If an alleged roadmap of Microsoft’s two year wave of Office updates is to be believed, then the Redmond based outfit has pushed back Office for Android and iOS launch until October 2014. It was confirmed back in November that the company was working on Office for both of these platforms and it was expected that release will take place in early 2013. The leaked roadmap also reveals what Office […]

Google Quickoffice Now Available On iPhone, Android With Drive Support
Both Android and iOS users have been clamoring for a version of Microsoft Office on their respective devices for years now, with Microsoft reportedly losing $2.5 billion in possible revenue for every year a mobile version Microsoft Office isn’t released. While Microsoft continues to debate whether or not they should deliver an Android or iOS version of Microsoft Office, Google has beaten them to the punch as they have just released their […]

Microsoft Reportedly Losing $2.5 Billion Each Year Office for iOS Isn’t Released
Microsoft Office making its way to iOS has been an ongoing rumor for years now with a new report being published today that puts a dollar amount on how much the company is losing each year the application doesn’t receive an iOS version.According to Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Holt, Microsoft is estimated to be losing $2.5 billion a year from potential iOS customers who would prefer to use Microsoft Office […]