the-elder-scrolls-online-leaked-footage1We know Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls Online is expected to be released sometime this year as just a few months ago, they started accepting beta users to partake in the fun. Up until now, we’ve seen a number of screenshots and a teaser trailer, but this is the first time we’re seeing direct in-game footage of The Elder Scrolls Online, thus making it a very big deal.

The leaked footage from The Elder Scrolls Online show off the first 20 minutes of the experience as you’ll see the game’s character creation that currently has nine races and three classes to choose from. The leaked footage also gives us a glimpse of the game’s user interface, skill trees, lower-level quests and how combat will look from a first-person and third-person perspective.

Considering The Elder Scrolls Online is currently going through its closed-beta phase, which was launched just last month, we’re sure Bethesda is none too pleased early footage of the game was leaked. Although, this shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing as we know there are many Elder Scrolls fans out there who have been dying to see what the game looks like at this point, which we’re also sure they won’t leave feeling disappointed after watching the leaked footage.

The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay from Csokis on Vimeo.

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