Good news MMO fans, if you have been eagerly anticipating EA and Bioware’s MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, according to Inc Gamers, the game appears to have its early access date move up to the 13th of December, a good two days before its original date that was originally slated for the 15th of December.

The game has been undergoing beta for a while, so we can only imagine how thrilled players must feel to know that the game is this close to completion. Players who have been playing the beta from the 25th of November onwards will only need to patch the client.

It should be noted that players will be let into the game groups at a time starting from the 13th of December until its actual launch on the 20th of December. So if you managed to get in your pre-order early, looks like next Tuesday could be when you start playing the game for real.

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