A while back, a gaming website in Europe leaked a video of the new Mesmer profession in Guild Wars 2. The video has since been removed but thanks to a tweet by none other than ArenaNet themselves, the good news for Guild War 2 fans is that yes – the Mesmer profession is official.

The Mesmer profession is the eighth and final profession for Guild Wars 2 that includes the Elementalist, Warrior, Ranger, Necromancer, Guardian, Thief, and Engineer. The full and official reveal of the Mesmer profession is expected to take place this Wednesday (tomorrow) so more details surrounding the class will be revealed then!

If you feel like you can’t wait until tomorrow for the full reveal, it seems that MMOSite has managed to get their hands on the earlier leaked video, so feel free to head on over to their page to check out the gameplay video for the Mesmer profession.

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