Moto X


The Moto X is a Motorola Android smartphone that was released in August 2013. It is highly customizable (at order time) and is assembled in the USA. Read our Moto X Review.

Moto X4 Rumored To Be Project FI’s Next Compatible Device
When Project Fi was first launched, the most affordable handset that was supported on the network was the Nexus 5X, but given that the phone has since been listed as out of stock, this leaves customers with only the Pixel handsets, which isn’t exactly what many would consider to be an affordable device.

Moto X (2017) Possibly Leaked In Presentation Slides
Last year instead of launching the Moto X, Motorola decided to announce a new lineup of smartphones in the form of the Moto Z family. The company has since assured their customers that the Moto X lineup isn’t going anywhere, and we could soon be hearing some kind of announcement.

New Alleged Photos Of Moto X (2017) Leaked
We have been hearing rumors of a new Moto X for a while now, with an alleged photo of the handset popping up last year. Earlier this month a render also made its way online which appeared to be in line with what we saw from before. Now thanks to new photos that have found their way online, we are getting a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Moto X (2017) Specs And Render Leaked
Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen several leaks and reports concerning the new Moto X handset that’s believed to be in the pipeline. It’s being referred to as the Moto X (2017) currently though it’s not known for sure whether that’s going to be the official name of this handset if and when it comes out. A new report brings us some specifications and a render of this handset.The […]


Alleged Moto X (2017) Photos Leaked
Ever since Motorola launched the Moto Z series of phones, many are wondering what has become of the Moto X. Now Motorola has since reassured their customers that the Moto Z will not be replacing the Moto X, and now thanks to the folks at Android Police, photos of the alleged 2017 Moto X have surfaced.

Android Nougat Update Delayed For Moto X In Germany
If you were hoping to receive the Android 7.0 Nougat update for the Moto X lineup, you might be interested to learn that over in Germany, the update appears to have been delayed. This is according to tweets sent out by Motorola Germany who confirmed that the update for the Moto X Style, Moto X Play, Moto X Pure and Moto X Force will be delayed.

Alleged Moto X (2017) Leaked, Shows Off Metal Chassis
With the announcement of the Moto Z handsets earlier this year, many were wondering what would become of the Moto X series. Before the Moto Z was launched, the Moto X was Motorola’s flagship lineup, so with the Moto Z being the new flagship, it makes sense that users are curious about the fate of the Moto X family.

Possible Moto X (2016) Spotted On GFXBench
Ever since the Moto Z handsets were announced, many had wondered if they would be replacing the Moto X lineup. Motorola has reassured us that they won’t, but given the lack of any Moto X announcements, we have to say that we are a tad skeptical. However it looks like some evidence has surfaced to suggest otherwise.

Moto Z Will Not Be Replacing The Moto X
The Moto X lineup has typically represented Motorola’s flagship handsets, at least for the past few years or so. The Moto G represented a more mid-range offering, while the Moto E was aimed at entry-level users who did not want to spend too much money. However this year instead of the Moto X, we were treated to the Moto Z (and Moto Z Force).

Moto X 2016 Said To Feature Shattershield AMOLED Display
When a particular smartphone or device for that matter is about to hit the market, you can be pretty darned sure that there will be plenty of advanced leaks and the like, ranging from photos to other kinds of information of the upcoming device. Motorola’s Moto X 2016 is also no exempt, as we hear the latest whispers on the grapevine that it will feature a Shattershield AMOLED display.

Next-Gen Moto X Handsets Could Sport Dock Connectors
One of the new hardware features that Apple introduced with the iPad Pro is the Smart Connector. This allows the device to connect to other accessories that does not rely on the Lightning connector, but last we heard, the iPhone 7 might not be packing the feature. Now as it turns out, Motorola’s upcoming Moto X handsets might.

Alleged Moto X (2016) Spotted With Front-Facing Fingerprint Sensor
Every year without fail, Motorola has launched a new Moto X handset. We were treated to new Moto X handsets last year meaning that come 2016, we should be able to expect a new model as well. Now thanks to a photo obtained by hellomotoHK, we could be having our very first glimpse at 2016’s model.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Speed Comparison Video
The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are the company’s latest smartphones and are packed with the latest technology, meaning that on paper, it should very well blow the competition out of the water. A recent video uploaded onto YouTube by Jerome Ortega decided to pit the handset against several other devices to see just how well it would perform.

Moto X 2014 Pure Edition Android 6.0 Update Released
 Google first released the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for its Nexus devices nearly two months back, third-party OEMs have not nearly been as fast, since most of them are still putting their own touches to the update before they send it out. Motorola is once again proving to be one of the very few OEMs who are the first to send out a major Android update that Google has already […]

Rumor: Moto X (4th Gen) Chassis Spotted
You know what they say – do not reinvent the wheel. If something good is going on in your life, then go ahead and carry on without having to worry about what needs to be reworked or changed totally, although small improvements are more than welcome. Motorola’s Moto X smartphones have been decent performers all this while, which is why it is far from surprising to hear that there is […]

Moto X Style Moves Into Android 6.0 Territory
Earlier in July this year, we did bring you word that Motorola has unleashed the Moto X Style smartphone to the masses, which was not alone as well since it came with the Moto X Play. Apart from that, we also heard that the Android 6.0 Marshmallow soak test for the Moto X Pure Edition has kicked off earlier this month, not to mention several European countries getting the Moto […]

Moto X Pure Edition Gets Android 6.0 Marshmallow Soak Test
If you happen to be rocking to the third generation Moto X Pure Edition and are living in the US, then here is some good news to brighten up your day. Basically, your handset has started to go through its Android 6.0 Marshmallow soak test, and this is no rumor at all, for it was announced by Motorola’s senior director of software product management David Schuster, as he took the […]

Jonathan Adler Moto X Pure Edition Designs Up For Pre-Order
If you are interested in getting some unique and official designs for your Moto X Pure Edition, you might recall last week that Motorola and designer Jonathan Adler would be teaming up and producing some special designs for the handset. The good news is that if you wanted to get your hands on them, you can.All three designs created by Adler are now up for pre-order via Motorola’s website where […]

Sprint Releases Android 5.1 For Moto X 2013
Motorola came out with the Moto X back in 2013 and really showed the market that it could make a relatively cheap smartphone with decent specifications and offer it with an almost pure Android experience. That’s basically what attracted people towards this handset in the first place and Motorola has since released multiple successors of the Moto X. If someone is still rocking one on Sprint then they’ll be glad […]

Motorola X Handsets Receive Android 6.0 Update
It looks like the long wait for the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for owners of the Moto X Style and the Moto X (2nd generation) is over, although one should bear in mind that the update will hit these handsets in various stages, so if you haven’t picked it up already, some patience would do you a whole world of good. At this point in time, it does seem as […]