A judge from the International Trade Commission (ITC) this Tuesday said that Apple has infringed a patent belonging to Motorola Mobility in making the iPhone, the iPad and a couple of other products. The said patent that Apple has presumably violated is a patent of Motorola for eliminating noise and other interference during voice and data transmissions.

Motorola Mobility has filed a lawsuit against Apple in the district courts of Florida and Illinois. ITC Judge Thomas Pender however, said in a preliminary ruling, that Apple did not infringe the other three patents including one for touchscreen technology that Motorola is accusing the Cupertino-based tech giant of. With that being said, the full commission is now reviewing the judge’s decision and the end result and final ruling should be announced sometime in August this year.

Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said, “A court in Germany has already declared this patent invalid, so we believe we will have a very strong case on appeal.” Google is in the process of finalizing its acquisition with Motorola Mobility. It’s interesting to see the fate of both parties. If worse comes to worst, the iPhone and the iPad can be exiled and banned from the market – a situation that Apple doesn’t want to be in.

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