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Firefox 66 Is Out And It Blocks Autoplaying Content By Default
If you were to say that videos that autoplay with sound online are a major inconvenience, you’d likely find a lot of people who agree with you, myself included. Mozilla is looking to do away with these online inconveniences. The company today announced that the latest Firefox 66 release available today blocks autoplaying content by default.

Firefox Send Encrypted File Sharing Service Goes Live
Mozilla launched Firefox Send in beta quite a while back. It’s a file-sharing service that allows users to share files with end-to-end encryption. The link to the file automatically expires so that users have peace of mind that their stuff doesn’t stay online for free. Mozilla has now confirmed that Firefox Send is no longer an experiment as it has exited the beta.

Firefox Will Mute Websites That Autoplay Video And Audio
We know how annoying it can be when you load multiple websites at once, and a couple of them suddenly start blaring audio and video automatically. With browsers like Google Chrome, users have the option of muting the tab, and that’s a feature that Mozilla is looking to build into Firefox as well, except with a slight upgrade.

Firefox Update Makes Blocking Trackers More Transparent
These days we’re seeing how more developers are starting to build more robust privacy protection features into their browsers, whether it be ad or tracker blocking. However sometimes it can be a bit confusing as to what is being blocked, especially for users who might not be tech savvy and have no idea what’s going on.


Mozilla To Build Ad-Blocker Into Firefox Focus 9.0
Mozilla has two browsers available on mobile: Firefox and Firefox Focus. The former is a version of the company’s popular Firefox browser except that it was designed for mobile use, and as such it will play nicely with the desktop version where it will sync content like bookmarks. Firefox Focus on the other hand is a mobile browser designed with privacy in mind.

Firefox Focus Updated With Enhanced Tracking Protection
Mozilla is rolling out a new update for Firefox Focus, its privacy-focused mobile browser. It brings improved tracking protection for users. Those who are using the browser on Android will now be able to individually decide which publishers they want to share data with. The browser will also warn them why they access risky content.

Mozilla Releases Firefox 64
For those of you out there who use Mozilla’s Firefox browser, you might be interested to learn that Mozilla has since released the latest build of the browser in the form of Firefox 64. According to Mozilla, the update to Firefox 64 will bring about improvements to the browsing experience, such as smart recommendations, browser tab management, and so on.

Native Firefox For Windows 10 On ARM Being Developed
Mozilla has announced that it’s working with Qualcomm to bring a native version of its popular Firefox browser to Windows 10 on ARM. The announcement follows Microsoft’s confirmation that it’s working with Google on a native ARM64 version of Chrome for Windows 10 on ARM. It also follows Qualcomm’s announcement of its new 8cx platform for always-connected PCs. The native versions of these browsers for the platform will provide far […]

Mozilla CEO Criticizes Microsoft’s Shift To Chromium
Last week there were rumors to suggest that Microsoft could be making the shift to Chromium, the rendering engine that Google uses for its Chrome browser. Microsoft later confirmed it to be true which sounds like a good thing as it means a more consistent web browsing experience across the board.

Firefox Will Inform You If You've Visited A Recently Breached Website
Firefox Monitor is a free service from Mozilla that notifies users when their email has been part of a breach. Hundreds of thousands of users have signed up for this service. Mozilla is now offering Monitor in over 26 languages so that more people can use the service in their native language. It has also introduced Firefox Monitor Notifications to inform users if they have visited a website which was […]

Firefox Will Now Let You Track Prices For Items Inside The Browser
Mozilla has announced a new test for its Firefox browser which will enable users to set price alerts for items that they want to keep an eye on. The browser will then send notifications when the price of that item drops. Firefox users can get the Price Wise extension from Mozilla’s Test Pilot program starting today. It supports price tracking for items available from five major retailers.

Mozilla Testing VPN Subscription Sales In Firefox
Mozilla is running an experiment with a small group of Firefox users to sell VPN subscriptions within the browser itself. The confirmation came after an ad was spotted by some users in Firefox to buy a subscription to ProtonVPN. Mozilla has since acknowledged that the test is being conducted with a small number of users.

Mozilla’s Firefox Monitor Lets You Know If Your Data Is Breached
It is a bit disappointing that despite the advancements we’ve made to technology that security is still lacking where we’re hearing about hacks and data breaches more times than we should. Given how entrenched our lives are with various online services, this something we should all strive to be aware about.

Mozilla Enters VR With Its Firefox Reality Browser
We imagine that having to take a virtual reality (VR) headset on and off can be a bit disruptive to the whole immersive experience thing. That’s why there are apps for VR that offer users the chance to do things that they would do normally on a computer, such as browse YouTube videos and surf the web.