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Firefox 66 Is Out And It Blocks Autoplaying Content By Default
Firefox Send Encrypted File Sharing Service Goes Live
Firefox Will Mute Websites That Autoplay Video And Audio
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Firefox Focus Updated With Enhanced Tracking Protection
Mozilla Releases Firefox 64
Native Firefox For Windows 10 On ARM Being Developed
Mozilla CEO Criticizes Microsoft’s Shift To Chromium
Firefox Will Inform You If You've Visited A Recently Breached Website
Firefox Will Now Let You Track Prices For Items Inside The Browser
Mozilla Testing VPN Subscription Sales In Firefox
Mozilla’s Firefox Monitor Lets You Know If Your Data Is Breached
Mozilla Enters VR With Its Firefox Reality Browser
Firefox Will Block Ad Trackers By Default In Future Builds
Mozilla Seeks Your Opinion In Rebranding Firefox
Firefox Starts Blocking Autoplaying Web Audio
Mozilla Testing Password Manager For Firefox On iOS
Firefox, 1Password Will Let Users Know If They’ve Been Breached
Mozilla Developing A Web Browser That Can Be Controlled By Voice