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Nokia N9 Users Petition Nokia For Updates And Bug Fixes
The Nokia N9 was the Finnish company’s first and last MeeGo handset, and so far based on the reviews we’ve come across, many have good things to say about it. So far N9 owners appear to be pretty pleased with their purchase, but the longer they use their device, they are starting to notice more bugs appearing. Unfortunately despite Nokia promising to provide support until 2015, it seems that nothing […]

NFC-enabled Android and Nokia phones vulnerable to hijacking
Thought NFC is a relatively unused feature in this side of the world, there is no reason for it to be left as it is. As proven by a smartphone hacker named Charlie Miller. The hacker recently found a way to take advantage of the NFC capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nokia’s N9. By simply using an NFC tag, the hacker said he was capable of making your […]

Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean ported onto a Nokia N9
While the Nokia N9 might be Nokia’s first and last efforts at a MeeGo device, it certainly does not meant that developers for the handset have given up entirely as well. As you can see in the photo above, one particular developer has uploaded the picture onto his Twitter account, clearly showing what appears to be Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean running on the N9. We can’t tell if this is […]

Nokia N9 receives major update with almost 1,000 bug fixes
If you thought your Nokia N9 was full of problems, fret not – most of them should be solved with the newly released Nokia N9 firmware 1.3. According to reports online, the software update which was released today features almost 1,000 bug fixes which should make your MeeGo using experience a more enjoyable one. In addition to the plethora of bug fixes, the update is said to improve copy and […]


Wazzap! is a Whatsapp port for the Nokia N9
MeeGo is by no means a bad platform, but in the face of the competition from iOS and Android, we guess MeeGo simply could not compete. This has prompted Nokia to drop the MeeGo platform after releasing the Finnish company’s first and last MeeGo handset, the Nokia N9 whose design inspired both the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900 Windows Phone handsets.

Firefox Mobile for Nokia N9 updated
Great news for Firefox fans with the Nokia N9. Following the release of PR1.2 for the Nokia N9, a new version of Mozilla Firefox Mobile has also been released for the phone. The latest version of the browser has been designed to bring your mobile surfing experience even closer to the desktop version of Firefox. If you love visiting fully-featured websites that require Flash, you’re in luck. Together with a […]

Nokia N9 receives MeeGo 1.2
Are you a proud owner of the Nokia N9? If you answered in the affirmative, then here is some good news for you – the Nokia N9 has finally received the MeeGo 1.2 update, so those who have yet to activate their N9, now would be a good day to do so – pronto! The entire update weighs in at 284MB, where it should roll out worldwide if I am […]

Nokia N9 could receive Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich port
The Nokia N9 is the company’s first and last MeeGo product. The device itself sports a rather interesting design with decent specs to boot, and for Android fans around the world, if you wished that Nokia had gone with Android instead of Windows Phone, you might be in luck as developer Alexey Roslyakov, who is part of the NITDroid team, has revealed via his Twitter what appears to be Android […]

White Nokia N9 coming your way
It seems that the color white is an attractive one for hardware manufacturers to roll out – case in point, the white iPhone making quite the splash when it was first announced, and since then, we have had different colored hardware making their mark as well. Nokia’s effort with the ill-fated N9 is not yet over, as the Finnish handset manufacturer has just announced that they will be introducing a […]

Nokia City Scene gives you a full-on visual location-aware experience
If you’re into exploring places but you don’t like leaving the house, or you find yourself not having the time to travel and go on long holidays, Nokia has the app just for you. Called Nokia City Scene, this app lets you “explore places before you get there to get a feel for the local environment or to find out what that place you’ve always wanted to go to looks […]

Nokia N9 making of video shows how the Lumia 800 was made
If you watched the keynote event at Nokia World 2011 yesterday, you would have noticed how much emphasis the speakers placed onto its upcoming Windows Phone devices. Well, judging by first impressions, it certainly is one beautiful device, especially when held in the hand. Although many people probably don’t agree with the flashy color choices (there’s always the black color option) it does boast a solid looking design and exudes […]

White Nokia N9 now official, current N9 to receive a software update
Despite the N9 being Nokia’s first and last MeeGo phone, it looks like the company won’t be leaving it alone. Today, Nokia announced that it will be releasing a white variant of the N9, and for folks who already own an N9 phone – they will be getting a software update in the future as well. The software update includes usability improvements (i.e. music controls from the lock screen and […]

Nokia N9 goes all white
The Nokia N9 is slated to be the first, as well as achieve infamy as being the last MeeGo-powered device from the Finnish phone manufacturer. While it was supposed to come in a bevy of colors, white certainly was not part of the plan. I don’t know about you, but white gadgets are nice to look at although keeping them clean and pristine can be quite the pain as most […]

Unlocked Nokia N9 sold on Amazon US
When the Nokia N9 was released, we’re sure that quite a few cheers went up from fans of the MeeGo platform along with several Nokia fans as well. Those cheers probably died down real fast when Nokia announced that the N9 would be the Finnish company’s first and last MeeGo device.