Nokia N9

Nokia is known as for making the world’s greenest phones and is consistently making an effort to encourage recycling and environmental-friendly behavior, with publicity stints like the mobile phone man. Well, the Eco profile for its upcoming phone, the N9, has been released online, and we get to see how green this MeeGo phone really is. Judging by what was in the Eco profile, we’re impressed.

The phone’s packaging is said to be made from up to 77% recycled material and is 100% recyclable, and it’s also not much bigger than the phone, reducing the amount of materials used. The phone on the other hand is free of PVC, brominated and chlorinated compounds, and antimony trioxide – basically it’s safe to say it won’t be doing much harm to the environment when it’s disposed of. The Nokia N9 is also touted to be energy efficient with power save mode, ambient light sensor, an unplug charger reminder, and a Nokia Fast USB Charger AC-16.

If the environmental-friendliness of a phone plays a big part in whether you purchase a phone or not, you’ll definitely be interested in these sorts of details. Now if only other companies would follow suit as well. Check out the Nokia N9 Eco profile (PDF).

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