Firefox N9Great news for Firefox fans with the Nokia N9. Following the release of PR1.2 for the Nokia N9, a new version of Mozilla Firefox Mobile has also been released for the phone. The latest version of the browser has been designed to bring your mobile surfing experience even closer to the desktop version of Firefox. If you love visiting fully-featured websites that require Flash, you’re in luck. Together with a new Flash Player plugin released by Nokia, the browser can be used to surf sites that still offer Flash-only video and play some games on sites such as Kongregate.

While the 3.9″ display of the N9 wasn’t designed to handle most Flash content, it will make do in a pinch especially when there’s something you need to check out urgently. Other features include browsing tabs, off-screen space for surfing controls so your screen real-estate is fully utilized for browsing, and of course syncing with your Firefox account so you’ll have all your desktop bookmarks and passwords on your phone. Firefox Mobile also supports add-ons, so you’re bound to find a lot of them ported over from the desktop version.

Firefox Mobile and the Flash Player plugin are both available from the Nokia Store.

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