We know that Nokia’s N9 smartphone will not be arriving Stateside, and the same fate has befallen over folks living in the UK – which is rather sad, since the MeeGo love will not spread across both countries. Not only that, insult is added to the injury as Nokia plans to halt sales of all Symbian and feature phones in the region – as Nokia starts to focus on its first Windows Phone-powered devices before the year is over. Just how the heck did Nokia come about such a decision which some might see to be rather rash in nature? Find out after the jump.

It seems that as an organization, Nokia will look at each market individually where product rollout is concerned, and each country will have only select devices to be introduced based on a local assessment of existing and upcoming products from Nokia’s stable of devices. This is could cut both ways, as someone might make a mistake as to what the local market actually wants, so it is more or less a hit-or-miss affair.

Perhaps Nokia wants to introduce a more cohesive product line to the UK market, and intend to shift it’s customers’ attention over to the Windows Phone as the future instead of the MeeGo OS which currently runs on the Nokia N9. If you are living in the UK, surely you have bigger worries about looters in England instead of whether the Nokia N9 will arrive or not.

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