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NASA 3D-Printing Gets Closer To “Star Trek Replication”
NASA has been testing 3D printing in space, and this is an interesting development because this could eventually lead to having the space agency “print” a number of replacement parts. Clearly, when you are in the space station, getting parts shipped to you is more than problematic since a launch to space can cost half a billion dollars.

Mars Curiosity Rover Celebrates Birthday By Singing To Itself [Video]
It’s been one year since the Mars Curiosity rover touched down on the mysterious red planet, and since then, has taught us more about the planet than we ever could have imagined. Unfortunately for Mars Curiosity, there’s no way to shoot a birthday cake over to him that wouldn’t result in it becoming a big, gooey mess, so the next best thing is for the rover to sing “Happy Birthday” to […]

Curiosity Rover Beams Billion Pixel Panoramic Mars Shots
The Curiosity Rover on Mars has beamed back billion pixel shots of the Red Planet's landscape.

NASA Has New Astronaut Class That Caters For Deep-Space Exploration
NASA has recruited 8 people for future deep space exploration project.


Xbox One Developers Work With NASA In Simulation
Xbox One developers and NASA are working together to simulate 35,000 light years of space.

NASA's Rover Finds Traces Of 'Drinkable' Water On Mars
NASA's Opportunity rover has analyzed a rock and determined that neutral water, suitable for drinking, once flowed through that rock in the very early days of Mars.

NASA Thermal Tiles Lets You Hold 2,200 Degrees In Your Hands
NASA developed a thermal tile that is such a bad conducent, you can literally touch a 2,200 degree cube.

Spacesuit That Stabilizes Astronauts On Their Spacewalks
Future spacesuits could come with built-in stabilizers to help astronauts stabilize themselves on their spacewalks.

3D Printed Food Being Researched By NASA
3D printed food is currently being researched by NASA

Opportunity Breaks 40 Year Extraterrestrial Distance Record
This is a record that is 9 years in the making – after a whopping 9 years of roving around, Mars Exploration Rover (MER) Opportunity has finally breached the previous limit that was set 40 years ago where extraterrestrial travels on the ground is concerned. Last Thursday marked the moment when the tenacious six-wheeled robot drove 80 meters (263 feet), which so happened to increase the total distance traveled on […]

NASA Intends To Go Green With Future Fuel
Just in case you think that the earth is extremely dirty and sick, and is in serious need of a clean up, wait until you see the amount of debris as well as junk in space. NASA is thinking of cleaning up their act – which is good, especially since you might incur the wrath of other life forms who see humans as nothing but a polluting species to be […]

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Becomes First Music Star In The Galaxy
Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is certainly something, especially when he is now deemed to be the first galactic superstar (move over, Lynn Minmay – the real deal is now here) after rolling out a cover version of “Space Oddity” from David Bowie. This happened as Chris Hadfield celebrated his last day aboard the International Space Station, having spent a good five months there and detailing his experience via Twitter photographs […]

NASA Won't Be Launching U.S. Astronauts In Space Till 2016
NASA’s space shuttle fleet was retired back in 2011 and since then the agency has not launched any U.S. astronauts in space on its own. It has entered in to an agreement with Russian Space Agency, Roscosmos, to let U.S. astronauts ride on their Soyuz spacecraft for missions to the International Space Station and back. NASA initiated the Commercial Crew Program, a public-private partnership, three years ago to make sure that […]

NASA Launches Three HTC Nexus One Smartphones Into Space
NASA has launched a lot of things into space, such as humans and space ships of course, but one thing we certainly didn’t expect them to launch into space were cell phones.Yes – mobile phones have been launched into space by NASA as part of a low-budget, experimental satellite program using off-the-held components. The three smartphone that were sent into space were all HTC Nexus One devices and are currently circling […]