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China's First Rover Bites The Moon Dust
Last month we picked up on a report from China’s state news agency which was about Chang’e-3, a probe that the country was sending to the moon. It took off from Xichang as planned and landed on the moon’s surface on December 15th. China called its first moon rover the “Yutu,” meaning Jade Rabbit, a mythical being believed to have a mix of mechanical abnormality and elixirs of immortality, according to […]

New Telescope Is 100x More Powerful Than Hubble
The Hubble space telescope has done its fair bit for humanity over the years, managing to capture plenty of fantastic looking photos of far away systems and galaxies. Well, it is about time that it gets replaced, don’t you think so? The successor would most probably be the James Webb telescope, which is currently being constructed in Maryland at the Goddard Space Center. In fact, this new telescope has even […]

NASA Engineers Use Oculus Rift And Kinect 2 To Control Robots
We have seen the Oculus Rift used for more immersive gaming experiences, and while the Kinect was designed for gaming in mind, it has also managed to find use in non-gaming environments, which is why it is no surprise to find that NASA has managed to find a way to use both the Oculus Rift and the Kinect to control the robots that they send into space. While remotely controlling […]

NASA Shows Off Valkyrie, A 6-Foot Tall Robot
The folks over at NASA must have received inspiration from the cartoon Macross which features the Valkyrie robot, after the space agency unveiled the 6-foot long Valkyrie, which they have dubbed as a “superhero robot”. It was specially designed to compete in the DARPA Robotics Challenge, and it has been touted to be a “female” robot – which could very well end up as a prototype model to the kind […]


New Prototype Spacesuit Powered By Body Heat
Wearing a spacesuit is definitely no fun at all, especially if you are one who feels claustrophobic. Well, it seems that there is a new generation of spacesuits that are in the making, where engineers over at Kansas State University are hard at work, developing a prototype suit which is able to monitor an astronaut’s vital signs through the provision of power to integrated electronic components. The thing about this […]

Robonaut To Get New Legs Early Next Year
Robots certainly come in handy when it comes to helping us humans out in difficult situations, such as doing repetitive work without getting tired at all, ferrying heavy items from one point to another without breaking a sweat, and best of all, not complaining about long working hours as well as organizing a strike as a union. They are good workers, and it remains to be seen whether an apocalyptic […]

Broadband Connectivity Arrives In Space
When we talk about space travel, chances are we would think of it being one of the most high tech situations where one can be in. Unfortunately, that is not the case across the board. For instance, actual communications between the Earth and moon still happen to be static-filled, just like as they were back in the 1960s. NASA might have something to turn things around though, after they have […]

3D Printed Pizza Shown Off At SXSW Eco And It Looks Delicious
Earlier this year, we published a story regarding NASA researching the possibility of creating 3D printed food, which immediately gave us visions of what a life living in a Back to the Future 2 world might be. If you were one of those skeptics who thought this would never happen, we’ve got some bad news for you. 3D pizza is here!

NASA On The Lookout For Snoozers
To get paid while you are doing something that you love is more or less the dream of every single person out there. After all, it is not called work then, is it? For those of you out there who love nothing better than to grab some shuteye, then you would be more than pleased to discover that NASA is working on a study which will require folks to lie […]

NASA Device Capable Of Detecting Heartbeat
Nobody wants to go through the chaos and perhaps even court death by being right smack in the middle of a natural disaster, but when that happens, one would definitely need all the help possible in order to pull through that particular ordeal. Having said that, where earthquakes are concerned, the issue is whether rescue workers are able to tell as to whether someone is under a particular piece of […]

NASA Confirms That Voyager 1 Has Left The Solar System
The scientists over at NASA have just confirmed that the Voyager 1 space probe has made history yet again, as it is now the first human constructed object to leave the solar system, as it continues to make its way across the rest of interstellar space. Over the year, the Voyager 1’s precise location has been debated among experts as to whether it has left our solar system, and I […]

Frog Makes Battletoads Proud
All right, I do not want to get into a war of words concerning the differences between a frog and a toad, but what you see above is definitely not something that will happen every single day. No sir, it does seem to depict a tiny frog on the left hand side of the photo which so happens to be taking a leap of faith alongside a 90-foot-tall rocket that […]

NASA 3D-Printed Rocket Injector Passes Biggest Fire Test Yet [Video]
We don’t know about you, but we think 3D printing has gone completely nuts over the past couple of months in a very good way. But we think they all pale in comparison to what NASA just did with the help of 3D printing. They used 3D printing to create a part to be used in a friggin rocket!

Curiosity Rover Now Driving Itself On Mars
NASA yesterday switched its Mars rover Curiosity to its autonomous navigation system. For over a year now the agency’s engineers have been driving the rover on Mars, now the rover is capable of driving itself. Switching to the autonomous navigation system will allow the rover to cover more ground, it will map out the safest driving path to its destination on its own by analyzing images taken during its drive. The […]