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U.S. Transportation Department Could Regulate Smartphone Navigation
Word on the street has it that the U.S. Transportation Department could be looking at the possibility of introducing tougher regulatory control over mobile navigation systems in vehicles as well as on your smartphone or tablet. The U.S. Transportation Department touts that this is so because they would like to play a role in cases where apps happen to end up as a danger to those who share the road […]

Telenav Scout gets offline navigation
Telenav has just announced that it has added offline navigation to its Scout personal navigation application on iOS. Before going on the road, users can download regional maps that contains huge areas of the country so that they won’t have to worry about having a working data connection.It is clear that although data connectivity has become extremely common in urban areas, there are many places where it is too slow, […]

TeleNav launches world's first HTML5 voice guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation service
Most mapping services are available for free, but usually when they come with features like voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions, a price tag gets slapped on. But not with TeleNav’s latest offering. The company has announced today for developers: the launch of its first HTML5 browser-based, voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation service. This means that developers will be able to take full advantage of TeleNav’s mapping services to provide free voice-guided directions in […]

Nokia Maps 3D updated with navigation and sharing features
Some time earlier this year, Nokia unveiled their Nokia Maps 3D which in a way is sort of like Google Earth and lets you view various locations around the world in detailed format. The good news is that if you particularly enjoyed Nokia Maps 3D, the company has decided to take it one step further by updating it and include several new features that may appeal to more users.


Google Business Photos shows you store interiors
If you’ve ever wished that you could see the insides of stores that you’ve never set foot into, you’re in luck. Google has recently announced the launch of a new service called Business Photos. Using a concept that’s similar to Google Street View, but instead of giving us a 360-view of the streets, Business Photos gives users a 360-degree view of what the inside of a store looks like. Of […]

TomTom announces iPad optimized version
Good news TomTom users, it appears that the popular navigation app on the iPhone has finally been optimized for the iPad, as pictured above (image credits: Giiks). It seems that TomTom has been paying attention to what their users want and have finally come up with the iPad optimized version.

TomTom's iPhone App Gets Updated With HD Traffic Updates
If you’re using the TomTom app on your iPhone, you should update it to the latest version, especially if you’re hoping to enjoy HD traffic updates. The HD traffic updates will basically show up on your map, providing you with congestion data on both “major” and “secondary” roads in the US. If you are a TomTom Traffic subscriber, then you will be able to enjoy this added feature for free, […]

Nokia Maps now available on new S40 phones
There is a slew of new S40-powered handsets from Nokia released today, and Nokia Maps will be available on that platform for free – this will enable a larger number of people who will make use of the service without having to go through the wallet pains of paying for heavy data charges. This new service will be an extremely large boost to S40-powered handsets, as it will blur the […]

Pioneer Floating Vision display lets you "touch" 3D visuals
Pioneer recently showed off a new technology called its “Floating Vision” display – the glasses-free 3D display that lets users interact with the floating images, offering a totally brand new input experience. The display, which Pioneer plans to use in their future car navigation systems, looks like a whole bunch load of fun to play around with – users can push icons onto a map to make different locations show […]

Magellan launches 7" RoadMate 9055-LM
Magellan, manufacturer of GPS navigation units has announced the addition of a new navigation device to its lineup of GPS devices. Called the RoadMate 9055-LM, it is the first large screen offering from Magellan to offer free lifetime map updates. Designed for Minivans, SUVs, RVs and trucks, the RoadMAte 9055-LM features a large 7″ high-definition WVGA screen that displays maps, directions, and traffic to guide drivers towards their destinations.The RoadMate […]

Pioneer shows off AVIC-VH09CS augmented reality car navigation system
Augmented reality (AR) has been one of the most exciting technologies to be introduced in recent years and it’s no surprise to see it combined with existing tech to make life better. One of the most useful ways it has been implemented is with navigation devices. Route 66 has done it with their Route 66 Maps + Navigation, and now Pioneer is onboard with the technology as well.Pioneer has recently […]

Samsung SENS-240 navigation tablet launched
Samsung has just introduced an interesting new hybrid tablet on the market in Korea. Called the SENS-240, the tablet acts more like a car navigation system instead of a regular tablet. Pairing up with your Samsung Android smartphone through Bluetooth, the tablet can be used to bring you voice, data, voice search, and video features on the big screen (it’s relatively big compared to your smartphone), along with your navigation […]

Google Maps Navigation beta updated
Google has just updated the beta version of Google Maps Navigation, bringing a welcome feature to the navigation app on Android phones. The latest version of Navigation now provides users with automatic routing based on real-time traffic conditions. Instead of simply calculating the shortest distance you need to travel to reach a destination, the app takes into consideration the traffic conditions of the location and the time of day, based […]

Route 66 Maps + Navigation makes use of Augmented Reality
We all know how hard it is to follow another driver sometimes. Due to bad driving habits or unpredictable traffic, it’s very often that one loses sight of the other car and ends up taking the wrong turn. Well now, thanks to Route 66 Maps + Navigation, we won’t have to anymore. This GPS navigation app was launched at the Mobile World Congress and has an impressive feature that other […]

MapQuest updated and supports an additional 8 countries now
It looks like these open source map charters have been hard at work. MapQuest has just announced the launch of 8 additional maps built using open technology and OpenStreetMap data. MapQuest now supports Australia, Denmark, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore and Sweden. Great news if you’re a believer/user of open source projects and/or you’re looking for a free alternative to Google Maps. They have even updated their MapQuest sites […]

Telenav 6.2: AT&T Android Now, More Coming Soon
Telenav has just announced the version 6.2 its navigation app that features improvements in many areas, but the most interesting ones are:Quick Search: this is a menu-less search that should make local searches faster. It looks more like a web search engine, and less like what you might have seen in GPS navigation software before. To make things even faster, you  can also use TeleNav’s Speech Recognition (I guess that […]

OnStar Supports Google Maps To Enhance Turn-by-Turn Navigation
Seems like Ford isn’t the only company who is busy bringing Google Maps to their vehicles as GM has also announced that OnStar and Google have reached an agreement, allowing OnStar users to search for and choose their destination using Google Maps, after which drivers will be able to send these destinations to the Turn-by-Turn Navigation Service in their vehicles. This new feature is dubbed OnStar eNav and will be […]

Motonav N765t Unboxing
We played with the Motonav N765 at Mobile World Congress (MWC), but we now have one in the office, as Motorola prepares to launch it in the U.S. For a quick overview of the functionalities, you can refer to our MWC post. right now, we want to share with you an unboxing photo gallery and a quick first impression of the physical aspect of the device along with a little […]

Nokia offers free navigation on smartphones worldwide
Nokia dropped the bomb on Personal Navigation Devices makers by announcing the availability of “free navigation” for its family of smartphones, globally. This means that navigation packages with turn-by-turn directions inside that cover 74 countries in 46 languages alongside detailed maps for 180 countries are now available for free. Those packages used to cost between $70 and $100 just yesterday.

Micello: Mobile Indoors Maps
[DEMOFall 09] Micello is a database of maps of places like shopping malls, college campuses, convention centers etc… that mobile users can explore and access useful information while interacting with each other, thanks to its social networking component. There tons of Location Based Services such as Google Latitude or Loopt, bit none of them has really got into the buildings with relevant information.I can imagine very well how this application […]