Some time earlier this year, Nokia unveiled their Nokia Maps 3D which in a way is sort of like Google Earth and lets you view various locations around the world in detailed format. The good news is that if you particularly enjoyed Nokia Maps 3D, the company has decided to take it one step further by updating it and include several new features that may appeal to more users.


Nokia has decided to listen to the requests and feedback of their users and included the ability to search for local attractions, restaurants, shops and even get directions to said locations via the map. Once you have decided where to go, you can then plan your route which will be laid out to you in 3D as pictured above.

You can even provided directions in 3D to your friends on how to get to your place by sharing the route and maps on various social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter or even by email. If you’re interested in finding out more about the new features or watch the video of the Nokia Maps 3D in action, just head on down to Nokia’s website.

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