Route 66 Maps + Navigation

We all know how hard it is to follow another driver sometimes. Due to bad driving habits or unpredictable traffic, it’s very often that one loses sight of the other car and ends up taking the wrong turn. Well now, thanks to Route 66 Maps + Navigation, we won’t have to anymore. This GPS navigation app was launched at the Mobile World Congress and has an impressive feature that other GPS apps don’t have – Augmented Reality navigation. Using your phone or tablet’s camera, the app superimposes another car on top of it, in addition to a path for you to follow. You can watch the car make turns in advance so you know just where to turn (sometimes navigation read outs can become quite confusing if there are a lot of exits in the same area). While seems like a very useful feature, it does present new hazards to drivers who aren’t good at staying focused on the road – if a driver focuses too much on the AR display, chances are he/she might not notice the car that’s right in front and may cause an accident. But either way, the app looks sweet, and would serve to be very useful in theory. Route 66 Maps + Navigation will be available later this year. Watch a video of it in action after the break:

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