Navy's Mach 7 gun has 100 mile range

Guns don’t kill people, it is people with guns who do. Well, the Navy certainly subscribes to the adage that bigger is better, and their latest weapon which is currently undergoing testing is capable of shooting bullets at speeds of up to Mac 7 – that’s seven times the speed of sound, and it certainly makes today’s railgun a Nerf issue pistol in comparison. After all, the railgun is accurate at up to 13 miles, but this new electromagnetic supermodel is touted to offer accuracy of up to 100 miles – and beyond. Each shot requires 33-megajoules of energy, and will definitely be the jewel in the Navy’s crown. What about cost? Well, it ought to be more affordable than a conventional weapon, and the ship itself does not need to carry explosives to reduce the risk of it exploding into bits due to a mishap. The future of guns has arrived, and it looks damn sharp to boot.

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