Confirmed: Apple iPad Will Run ALL iPhone Apps

It looks like the rumors were true. While initially it’s hard to imagine that you’d be running iPhone apps on the iPad (due to the screen size difference), Apple has decided that it can be done. So the iPad will be getting ALL the apps that are available for the iPhone, which is great news, considering that there’s a huge catalog of stuff out there for the iPhone. You’ll be able to run the apps in its current (smaller) size, though it might look a little weird, floating in the center of the screen, or it can be maximized to fill the iPad’s display. After developers spend a little time modifying their apps, the app will also be able to take advantage of the much larger display of the iPad. The iPhone SDK now supports development for the iPad, and the best part is that they’re releasing it today, so if you’re planning on updating your app, you can probably get cracking right away.

Mark Hickey from Gameloft has also been on stage to demo their FPS – Nova. Graphics look pretty standard, though it’s playing nicely. You might want to take note of the d-pad on the screen, which is obviously important to navigating an FPS game.

The New York Times has also shown an updated app for the iPad, and it’s looking good. You’ve got additional menus, and resizing text is still great. If you’re a video junkie, there are embedded videos in the articles that can be played too.

If you thought the iPhone’s display was too tiny to satisfy the artist in you, the updated Brushes app for the iPad will really have you drooling. The user interface has been redesigned, mainly to take advantage of the extra real estate. You’ll be able to zoom in for quick and accurate brushing. Another cool feature is that you can record the construction of your painting, and replay it!

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