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Google Confirms Nexus 6 Android 7.0 Downgrade
Earlier today we reported that some Nexus 6 owners were reporting that their handsets were getting downgraded from Android 7.1.1 to Android 7.0. At that time Google did not make any kind of comment or offer an explanation as to why this was the case, but it was presumed that maybe it had something to do with the original update.

Google Downgrading Nexus 6 To Android 7.0
If you’re a Nexus 6 owner, the next over-the-air update that you install on your handset is going to downgrade to Android 7.0. It seems that they have been handed the short end of the stick. This handset received Nougat quite late and then it also received Android 7.1.1 later than many other Nexus devices. Now Google has decided to bring it back down to Android 7.0 from Android 7.1.

Android 7.1.2 Won't Be Released For Nexus 6 And Nexus 9
Even though both of these devices have been upgraded to Android 7.0 Nougat, it has been confirmed that the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 won’t receive the Android 7.1.2 Nougat update that’s due in a couple of months. There’s actually a rather simple explanation for why Google has decided not to release said update for these devices even though they’re already running the latest iteration of its mobile platform.

Android 7.1.1 For Nexus 6 Causing Speakerphone Echo
As much as we would love that updates to devices will always be perfect, that is unfortunately not the case. According to multiple user reports, it seems that the Android 7.1.1 Nougat update to the Nexus 6 is causing some issues. To be more specific, it seems to be causing speakerphone echo.


Nexus 6 To Get Android 7.1.1 Update In January, 2017
While there some Android handsets out there that have since received the Android 7.1.1 Nougat update, the Nexus 6 has yet to receive it. However the good news is that you won’t have to wait too long as Google seems to have confirmed that the update will be rolling out for the handset come January 2017.

Android 7.0 Rolling Out For Nexus 6, Nexus 9 LTE In A Few Weeks
If you are the owner of the Nexus 6 or the Nexus 9 LTE and you’re wondering when you will be able to get your hands on the Android 7.0 Nougat update, it looks like you’ll have to wait a few weeks. This is according to a report from Android Police who has confirmed with Google that the rollout is expected to happen in the next few weeks.

Android 7.0 Rolling Out Soon For The Nexus 6 & 6P
One of the benefits of owning a Nexus handset is pretty much the guarantee that your device will be one of the first devices in the world to receive the latest Android updates whenever they are available. The good news is that if you own the Nexus 6 or the Nexus 6P, it looks like Android 7.0 Nougat is rolling out for you guys as we speak.

Google Releases Data Outage Fix For The Nexus 6
If you owned the Nexus 6 and you have been experiencing some connectivity issues, you’re not alone. In a post on the Nexus Help Forums (via Android Police), several Nexus 6 owners have been complaining about their phones losing data connectivity, and that the only way to fix it is to reboot their phones. Obviously this is not a long-term solution and highly inconvenient.

Google Lists End-Of-Life Dates For Its Nexus Handsets
The advantage to buying a Nexus handset is that you’re kind of buying a phone from the same company that makes its operating system. This means that in terms of support you can contact Google, and also future Android updates are more or less guaranteed to make its way to your handset first.

Google Introduces Custom Live Cases For Nexus Phones
Many of us like to use cases with our phones. Their primary job is to protect the handsets from bumps and drops but they’re also a great way to showcase our personality or our love for a particular sporting team or even a TV show. Few things are more personal to us than our phones these days and Google recognizes this fact, so it has come up with a new […]

Google Is No Longer Selling The Nexus 6
The Nexus 6 was launched in 2014 and has since been succeeded by both the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P, both of which are Google’s latest flagship smartphones. Now if for whatever reason neither device is to your liking and you would love to get your hands on the Nexus 6, you would be out of luck.It seems that Google has recently stopped selling the Nexus 6. On its […]

T-Mobile Nexus 6 Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update Rolling Out Now
It was reported only a couple of days ago that T-Mobile had approved the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for the Nexus 6 on its network, there’s good news today for folks who own this handset on Magenta. The Marshmallow update for Nexus 6 is now rolling out for T-Mobile subscribers, as always the update is being sent out over-the-air.

T-Mobile’s Nexus 6 Android 6.0 Update Approved, Rolling Out Soon
The thing about buying phones tied to carriers is that sometimes you can get a really good deal and not have to pay the entire fee upfront. Instead you can opt to pay it back over the course of the next 12-24 months. The downside is that you’re not subjected to the carrier’s decision as to when phone updates can be released.

Nexus 6 Back On Sale On Ebay
The Nexus 6P is the latest Nexus flagship that has been making waves in recent times, where reception of the Nexus 6P has been rather encouraging as it was sold out on the Google Store slightly more than a week back. Still, it has begun to ship – albeit with some niggling issues that has seen Google offer a $25 refund for those affected by delays. What does all of […]

Huawei’s Alleged Nexus 6 Benchmarked
Earlier this year, there were rumors going around concerning Huawei and their upcoming Nexus branded device, and it seems that such a rumor is starting to put on flesh from just bones alone, as an alleged Nexus 6 from Huawei has been benchmarked. It also carries with it the possibility of the handset being known as the Huawei Angler, so until the final device hits the market, or additional leaks […]

T-Mobile Rolls Out Security Updates For Nexus Devices
A handful of Nexus devices on T-Mobile are receiving a new software update today but they don’t bring any major features to the table, rather these updates are security-related and patch up various bugs to ensure that users continue to have a safe experience. T-Mobile has started rolling out the updates over-the-air and they should go live for all devices across all regions later today.

Nexus 6 Gets Massive Discount, Now Priced At $350
When the Google Nexus 6 was launched, many weren’t thrilled about its price. Unlike previous Nexus handsets that were subsidized by Google, the Nexus 6 wasn’t. It was priced like a regular flagship smartphone for $650. Safe to say many were a bit put off by its price and if you’re one of them, we have good news.It turns out that the Nexus 6 has received a massive price cut […]

Verizon To Start Activating Non-Verizon Handsets On Its Network
One of the upsides of buying a GSM-enabled smartphone is that you can generally use it in other countries while traveling, and it also makes it easy for you to switch between carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile. Verizon on the other hand due to its use of CDMA means that sometimes trying to bring a non-Verizon phone onto the network can be difficult.However as part of the company’s new […]

Test Finds That The ASUS Zenfone 2 Charges The Fastest
Having a smartphone with a huge battery is one thing, but it will also need users to take into consideration that it takes longer to charge than a phone with a smaller battery. That being said, if you’re after a phone that will charge quickly, the folks at Tom’s Guide have conducted several tests and based on their findings, the ASUS Zenfone 2 is the winner.They tested a variety of […]

Project Fi Users Get One-Time Nexus 6 Replacement For $100
Google entered into the wireless business with Project Fi, that’s what it calls its MVNO or mobile virtual network operator that only provides service to Nexus 6 in the United States. Aside from getting all the advantages that Project Fi has to offer the company is also offering these customers a one-time Nexus 6 replacement for just $100, provided that the previous device suffered accidental damage.