We think it’s safe to say considering how Nintendo’s Wii U has been performing lately, the world will be tuning into their E3 press conference this year in anticipation to hear what exactly they have planned to turn things around for the company. That was probably the plan for many gamers around the world, but it looks like they’ll have to look for their Nintendo information elsewhere as the company has announced they won’t be holding a press conference at this year’s E3.

The news came directly from Nintendo president Satoru Iwata during a financial results briefing earlier today, where he says instead of holding a presentation targeted at an international audience, the company plans to hold smaller events specifically directed to different regions. At this year’s E3, Nintendo will focus specifically on its software lineup for the U.S market as they attempt to introduce a new presentation style for this year’s show.

Aside from the exclusive events for the visitors of E3, Nintendo is currently looking into ways to deliver on their games directly to the home audience around the time of the show. Nintendo says they’ll be utilizing its direct communication tools, such as its Nintendo Direct videos, to not only deliver information to its Japanese audience, but also to other regions around the world.

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