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Nokia N9 runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
Now this is rather interesting – a device which is not a native of the Android ecosystem has been spotted to run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, putting to shame some of the more established names in the Android world that has seen their fair share of smartphones yet to receive an operating system update until not. The NITDroid project is successful enough to get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean up and […]

Nokia N9 boots up in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
The Nokia N9 is not known to be powered by the Android platform, but that does not mean that enterprising users have not tried giving Google’s mobile operating system a go on the smartphone. NITDroid managed to come up with an alpha release that sees Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich running on the Nokia N9, but since this is an extremely early build, it makes sense that not everything works. […]

Nokia N9 PR1.2 camera improvements explained in further detail
If you happen to own the Nokia N9, then here is a wee bit of news that might just uplift your spirits. We are talking about the Nokia N9 PR1.2 camera improvements which include face recognition, continuous shutter and video editing as part of the enhancements. The software update started to roll out since last week, and according to Jens Wilke, Camera Program Manager at Nokia, “These improvements have been […]

White Nokia N9 coming your way
It seems that the color white is an attractive one for hardware manufacturers to roll out – case in point, the white iPhone making quite the splash when it was first announced, and since then, we have had different colored hardware making their mark as well. Nokia’s effort with the ill-fated N9 is not yet over, as the Finnish handset manufacturer has just announced that they will be introducing a […]


Nokia City Scene gives you a full-on visual location-aware experience
If you’re into exploring places but you don’t like leaving the house, or you find yourself not having the time to travel and go on long holidays, Nokia has the app just for you. Called Nokia City Scene, this app lets you “explore places before you get there to get a feel for the local environment or to find out what that place you’ve always wanted to go to looks […]

Nokia N9 making of video shows how the Lumia 800 was made
If you watched the keynote event at Nokia World 2011 yesterday, you would have noticed how much emphasis the speakers placed onto its upcoming Windows Phone devices. Well, judging by first impressions, it certainly is one beautiful device, especially when held in the hand. Although many people probably don’t agree with the flashy color choices (there’s always the black color option) it does boast a solid looking design and exudes […]

White Nokia N9 now official, current N9 to receive a software update
Despite the N9 being Nokia’s first and last MeeGo phone, it looks like the company won’t be leaving it alone. Today, Nokia announced that it will be releasing a white variant of the N9, and for folks who already own an N9 phone – they will be getting a software update in the future as well. The software update includes usability improvements (i.e. music controls from the lock screen and […]

Knockoff Nokia N9 spotted in China
Wait, when did China get their hands on the Nokia N9? Nope, if you thought that was the Nokia N9, you can’t be blamed as it does look rather convincing upon first glance, especially with that garish magenta, which is one of the colors available for the actual Nokia N9 (along with black and turquoise).

Nokia N9 goes all white
The Nokia N9 is slated to be the first, as well as achieve infamy as being the last MeeGo-powered device from the Finnish phone manufacturer. While it was supposed to come in a bevy of colors, white certainly was not part of the plan. I don’t know about you, but white gadgets are nice to look at although keeping them clean and pristine can be quite the pain as most […]

Nokia N9 misses out the UK boat as well
We know that Nokia’s N9 smartphone will not be arriving Stateside, and the same fate has befallen over folks living in the UK – which is rather sad, since the MeeGo love will not spread across both countries. Not only that, insult is added to the injury as Nokia plans to halt sales of all Symbian and feature phones in the region – as Nokia starts to focus on its […]

Angry Birds on Nokia N9 demonstration video
If you were wondering whether you’d get to play with your favorite feathered friends and slingshot on Nokia’s upcoming MeeGo phone, you don’t have to worry anymore. The folks over at MeeGo Experts have shot a video showing Angry Birds running on the Nokia N9 and it sure looks beautiful on the phone’s AMOLED screen. The game translates over to the platform really well, running smoothly without a hitch.

Nokia N9 gets naked in front of the FCC
The Nokia N9, said to be the last MeeGo device that will ever ship out from Noka’s doors, has been stripped apart by the FCC, as the body puts up for parade its drawn and quartered chassis in a bunch of photos for the curious. Tests done on it have confirmed that this is a quadband 2G and pentaband 3G (2100/1900/1700/900/850 MHz) handset, and just in case you need to […]

Nokia N950 spliced open by the FCC, has 12-megapixel camera
Are you the extremely curious type? If you have answered in the affirmative, then might we suggest you check out what the FCC has on offer at the moment? We are talking about one of the most recent Nokia releases, which is the Nokia N950, where it has been split wide open so that you are able to check out the innards. This official disassembly won’t come with any fear-inducing […]

Nokia N9 officially announced
Those of you looking forward to get your hands on Nokia’s first (and last) MeeGo handset, the Nokia N9 will be glad to know that the Finnish company has finally announced it to the world. After being in development what seemed like eternity, the phone running highly-anticipated operating system is now official. The hardware looks very sleek and elegant, featuring buttons on only one side of the phone – you […]