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Mobile brain scanners can change the world
It’s amazing what you can do with smartphones these days. A team of scientists in Denmark have managed to develop a mobile brain scanner that’s powered by a Nokia N900. The mobile brain scanner reads and produces real-time data that can be used to interpret the feelings and reactions of people under examination. Users just put on a special headset, download an app onto the phone and they’re good to […]

Nokia N900 gets Android 2.3 Gingerbread port
Google’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread is hot property at the moment, as hackers out there are busy trying to get the mobile operating system installed on various devices. Now next in line to get Gingerbread is Nokia’s N900, which was previously hacked to run Android 2.2 Froyo. As usual with these hacks, not everything is working perfectly just yet, but the cellular data, sound, Wi-Fi and some other features are already […]

MeeGo 1.1 rolls out
The latest version of MeeGo comes under the guise of 1.1 – where this update will target Nokia N900 owners. This is the second update made to the MeeGo operating system since it rolled out in May this year, where engineering plans do point towards support for U-Boot for dual booting between MeeGo and Maemo. Nice to see the folks over at Nokia living up to users’ expectations without sidelining […]

Nokia N900 Can Run Unmodified webOS Games
Some interesting benefits have surfaced due to the similar methods of developing native Linux apps by Palm and Nokia, namely SDL 1.2. Taking into account the hardware similarities between the Palm Pre and the N900 (OMAP3430, PowerVR SGX, and OpenGL ES 2.0 support), it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that some hardcore Maemo fans out there have released a Preenv package for the N900, allowing the phone to run […]


Nokia N900 PR 1.3 Update To Offer Maemo And MeeGo Dual Booting
Nokia N900 owners might have a little something extra to boast about their phone soon. As it stands, the phone is powered by Maemo, but an upcoming PR 1.3 update promises to allow the phone to dual boot between Maemo and MeeGo, offering you a different experience on the same phone. There is also the possibility of developing applications supporting both operating systems, based on Qt and Qt Mobility APIs […]

Android port for N900 is up and running nicely
The NITDroid project which intends to get the Android operating system up and running on the Nokia N900 has seem promising progress, and the latest video (which is available in the extended post) will also allow you to make phone calls. Not only that, cellular data is coming along nicely. When it is ready to be released for prime time action, will you still be sticking to the Maemo operating […]

Unlocked Nokia N900 going for $369.99
The Nokia N900 is one of the more hackable smartphones out there in the market, but it has hardly reached near any iPhone sales figures simply because we believe it is too expensive for the masses and lack the sex appeal of Apple’s product. Things might change for a bit though, since it will retail for $369.99 a pop unlocked, making it perfect for those who want to pick up […]

Skype To Offer Two-way Video Calling On The Nokia N900
Nokia N900 users are in for a treat, as Russ Shaw, Vice President of Skype Mobile, has confirmed that Skype is planning to offer the ability to make two-way video calls on said device. Such a feature would allow Nokia N900 owners to make two-way video calls to other mobile clients and also Skype-on-TV. Further good news includes that fact that video calls would work on both 3G and Wi-Fi […]

Nokia N900 gets Google Chrome download
Looks like the Nokia N900 is now able to handle Google Chrome, aka Chromium, although this is not an official port by Google so proceed with caution. This version is based on Debian 32-bit release, and those who have given it a go did not really run into major problems, as it features a pretty smooth operation with Flash content support. Despite the efforts of Jacekowski, this port still comes […]

Nokia N900 Overclocked To 1GHz
Nokia’s N900 might not be the newest smartphone on the block, but it seems that owners of the N900 don’t want to see it left behind, as they’ve managed to boost the clock speed of the processor from its stock 600MHz to a whopping 1GHz, albeit the maximum stable clock speed seems to be 900MHz. All this was done via a recompiled kernel, so there was no CPU voltage hack […]

Nokia N900 micro USB connector has problems
Nokia’s N900 might be on top of the list for many a hacker, but regardless of how well you can mod it physically or write code for it, you will still need to juice up the device from time to time. Unfortunately, there seems to be a common problem with the N900 which sees the micro USB connector’s surface mount design getting misaligned or disconnected completely. With regards to warranty, […]

Nokia N900 gets Evernote mobile memory tool
We’ve reviewed the Nokia N900 late last year, and while the device was pretty decent as a smartphone, it still doesn’t possess that “must have” factor associated with the iPhone 3GS. Having said that, there weren’t a whole lot of quality applications back then, even until today, which is why the Evernote mobile memory tool comes across as a refreshing oasis in the middle of the desert. The Evernote Sharing […]

Mac OS X 10.3 Running On Nokia N900
So you’ve seen Nokia’s N900 dual booting Maemo and Android, nothing too special about that, right? Well, what about a full blown Mac OS X 10.3 installation? Now that’s a rather impressive feat, wouldn’t you say? Thanks to the help of PearPC, a Power PC emulator, this was achievable, though there are obvious downsides to this approach. The most noticeable would be that it took nearly 2 hours to boot […]

Nokia N900 Can Dual Boot Android And Maemo
Nokia’s N900 is certainly a cool phone, but the Maemo 5 OS that it runs may not be for everybody. Considering that Google’s Android OS is one of the more popular operating systems out there at the moment, it’s really cool to find out that a person called Brandon Roberts has managed to get Nokia’s N900 to dual-boot Maemo and Android. It’s currently still a proof-of-concept, but it seems pretty […]