Nokia N900 Can Run Unmodified webOS Games

Some interesting benefits have surfaced due to the similar methods of developing native Linux apps by Palm and Nokia, namely SDL 1.2. Taking into account the hardware similarities between the Palm Pre and the N900 (OMAP3430, PowerVR SGX, and OpenGL ES 2.0 support), it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that some hardcore Maemo fans out there have released a Preenv package for the N900, allowing the phone to run unmodified webOS games. You’ll need to root your Pre in order to get hold of those games, and if you want to make a launch icon for the game on the N900 you’ll need to root it too. Regardless of the methods of getting the game to work, it’s still cool to see the apps being able to be easily ported between these two devices. Perhaps it could serve as an additional incentive for developers to keep an eye on the MeeGo and webOS platforms. Video after the jump.

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