Mobile brain scannerIt’s amazing what you can do with smartphones these days. A team of scientists in Denmark have managed to develop a mobile brain scanner that’s powered by a Nokia N900. The mobile brain scanner reads and produces real-time data that can be used to interpret the feelings and reactions of people under examination. Users just put on a special headset, download an app onto the phone and they’re good to go.

Since such wireless headsets are relatively cheap, and a smartphone isn’t that expensive either, this new technology can really help bring brain scanning to the masses. A lot of people will be able to use it to help themselves or other people: doctors, interviewers, cops, and so on. Data recorded by the app can then be easily shared to help tailor a person’s preferences or experience when using a service.

Such scanners are still a long way off from being used widely, but when and if they do catch on, I can imagine the world is going to be a pretty interesting place. Hit the source link for more detailed information about the mobile brain scanner.

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