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NSA 'Collected 200 Million Texts' Daily
One of the more unpopular government bodies within the US would surely be the US National Security Agency, or the NSA for short, where they have allegedly collected and stored nearly 200 million text messages in a single day worldwide, at least according to a UK media report. This is a stunning figure to say the least, and it is definitely a whole lot of information to sift through. I […]

President Obama To Announce Major NSA Changes This Week [Report]
There has been a lot of debate about the electronics spying programs of the National Security Agency, programs which not only affect U.S. citizens, but also those of other nations around the world. The programs have been criticized a lot as the stream of highly classified documents kept informing the public just how much the NSA is keeping an eye on internet users around the world. According to a new report […]

NSA Reportedly Developing Quantum Computer That Can Break Any Encryption
We expect that the NSA has high level hackers working for them, helping them gain access to a variety of secured networks, but we have also heard reports of how the NSA has allegedly paid off security companies to make their encryption less powerful, ultimately giving the NSA easier access to them.Well it seems that the NSA might no longer have to resort to paying off security companies because according […]

Apple Says It Has 'Never Worked With The NSA' On An iPhone Backdoor
Recently a barrage of highly confidential documents were leaked online which revealed that the NSA has backdoors that it can implement in products from a number of major technology companies, including but not limited to Samsung, Cisco and Juniper Networks. Then word broke about a backdoor called DROPOUTJEEP which apparently lets the NSA tap into an iPhone. In a statement provided to AllThingsD, Cupertino says that it has “never worked with the […]


The NSA Has A Device That Can Supposedly Hack Your WiFi From 8 Miles Away
Think that putting a password on your WiFi network will keep away pesky leechers and hackers? Think again. Speaking at the Chaos Communications Congress, security researcher Jacob Appelbaum revealed that the NSA had a device that is able to hack your WiFi from as far as 8 miles away! In fact Appelbaum speculates that the exploits used to hack your WiFi could even be delivered by drone, but concluded that […]

Leaked Catalog Reveals NSA Has Backdoors For Hardware From Cisco, Juniper Networks And More
The world was shocked with the scope of NSA’s spying programs once highly classified documents were leaked by Edward Snowden. Since the very first leak about NSA’s PRISM program, that have been a steady stream of such revelations. Der Spiegel of Germany has received a new cache of documents, not from Snowden, which basically form a catalog of backdoors that the agency can use to infiltrate hardware manufactured by companies […]

NSA Reportedly Paid Software Encryption $10m To Make Their Software More Vulnerable
At the moment the NSA is getting a lot of flak from people all over the world, not just US citizens, over its spying program that was revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden. Not only did we find out that the NSA is spying on its own citizens, but now according to the latest reports, it seems that one of the reasons the NSA is able to gather data is because […]

Judge Says NSA Program Is Most Likely Unconstitutional
The NSA is not exactly a government organization that is in everyone’s good books, and considering how they are able to eavesdrop on your private cellphone conversations is a serious matter. We have gotten wind that a federal judge declared today that the National Security Agency’s collection of telephone records of millions of Americans would most likely be in violation of the U.S. Constitution’s ban on unreasonable search. This particular […]

NSA Could Decode Private Cellphone Conversations
The NSA is definitely not in the good books of many people, even to the point where tech companies have already begun to sound the bell that calls for reforms in the organization itself. I am quite sure that even more people would be upset to read about what the NSA is capable of doing when it comes to our cellphone conversations. Apparently, their phone surveillance efforts do more than […]

NSA: Monitoring Online Gaming Communities Since 2008
The NSA has not been getting too much good press lately, if at all, not to mention major technology companies having called for reforms in the NSA itself. The Guardian has shed additional light on documents that were leaked by none other than Edward Snowden that shared the fact that the NSA has been monitoring online gaming communities all the while since 5 years back, which would be 2008 on […]

Yahoo To Encrypt All Data Flowing Between Its Data Centers By Q1, 2014
Over the past few months the world has gained considerable insight into the clandestine data collection operations of the National Security Agency, courtesy of former CIA analyst Edward Snowden. A number of major companies were named in those leaked top secret documents, companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and more. A cache of documents recently leaked by Snowden alleged that the NSA is capable of tapping into Google and Yahoo’s […]

NSA Apparently Tapped Into Google And Yahoo Data Centers Around The World
The former technical analyst for the CIA, Edward Snowden, who leaked a treasure trove of documents earlier detailing the National Security Agency’s various electronic spying programs is back with another cache of highly classified documents. These documents, which have been provided and confirmed by sources to The Washington Post, reveal that the NSA tapped into Google and Yahoo data centers around the world without telling either company. This, despite the fact […]

Apple Denies Researchers' Claims That iMessages Aren't Entirely Secure
When word broke of the NSA’s surveillance programs earlier this year, major companies named in the leaked documents tried to quash their customers’ privacy fears by issuing statements reiterating their commitment to privacy. Apple did something along the same lines, it said that the encrypting protecting iMessages is so secure that the company itself can’t decrypt it, meaning that even if it receives an order to intercept an iMessage, it can’t. […]

NSA Collects Millions Of Email Addresses, Buddy Lists Globally
We’re sure many Americans are very well aware of the NSA and their attempt to make the country safer by watching every little thing we do online as well as through many of our methods of communication, but according to a recently published report, the government agency doesn’t only want to know what you do specifically, but also wants to learn who you talk to as well.