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New York City Gets Free Public Wi-Fi
I suppose if one were to factor in a mark or measure of civilization, then surely having Wi-Fi connectivity would be one of the points to consider, especially when you see the sheer number of smartphones and tablets that are in use today. It looks like for those who live and work in the five boroughs of New York City, life is about to get a whole lot sweeter with […]

New York City Wants To Develop Citywide Wi-Fi Network
The Big Apple, the world famous nickname for New York City, intends to remain at the cutting edge of technology with plans to develop a citywide Wi-Fi network that will be accompanied by state of the art information hubs. All of the five boroughs will offer free Wi-Fi (something that many of us do take for granted these days), free calls to 911 and 311, in addition to a minimum […]

NYC Gets Tallest And Thinnest Building
Ah, the Big Apple. New York City is one potpourri of cultures, people and interesting innovations, and it certainly loves being in the center of attention. Hence, it is not surprising to hear architectural firm SHoP Architects playing up the possibility of working on what could very well be the tallest and thinnest building in the city, which will be a place for folks to reside in instead of a […]

NYC Makes Biggest Gun Bust In History Aided By YouTube Videos
Boasting or showing off online about your illegal activities is certainly a recipe for disaster. Take Cody Hall for example, the teenager who boasted about his reckless driving on Twitter, which ultimately led to a vehicular manslaughter charge against him to being upgraded to murder. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg today announced the biggest gun bust in the history of the city. Authorities arrested 19 people who were involved […]


+POOL Is A Floating Public Pool That Filters Water From NYC's East River
+POOL is a project which is currently seeking funds to have a floating public pool placed in NYC's East River.

Touchscreen Kiosks With Apps To Be Installed In NYC Subways
New York’s MTA has hired Control Group to install 90 touchscreen kiosks which will include a number of helpful apps in NYC subways. At first 90 of these kiosks will be installed at major subway routes such as Grand Central Station. They’ll cater to over 2 million commuters daily, which include a handsome number of tourists. These kiosks will display important information such as train times, delays, outages, as well […]

NYC Prototype Payphones Offer A Glimpse Into Phone Booth Future
With the rise in the popularity of mobile phones, the lowly payphone has been completely pushed aside as being only useful for homeless patrons to privately relieve themselves. Stumbling onto a payphone will probably result in an empty housing where an actual payphone once sat, but New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is looking to change that as he’s looking to upgrade the city’s 11,000 payphones.Bloomberg issued a challenge a […]

NYC starts turning pay phones into free Wi-Fi hotspots
New York City already has tons of free Wi-Fi hotspots, but is going to add some more as well as make use of some of the outdated pay phone kiosks around the city. They are currently testing a pilot program to install free Wi-Fi hotspots into select pay phones. The hotspots will come to ten kiosks in three of the boroughs initially and will be open to the public for […]

Taxi of Tomorrow to arrive in New York come 2013
The famous yellow taxis in New York look set to move forward into the future – and while the city’s “Taxi of Tomorrow” will not be able to take to the skies (oh, how that would be great in order to avoid jams on the ground!), drive itself without any passengers or even serve you coffee, it is part of the effort to completely overhaul the city’s fleet of 13,000 […]

Windows Phone surprise revealed
Remember the “big, big” surprise that we were promised by Microsoft last week? Well, if you were at New York City’s Herald Square today, you would have seen it. But for the rest of us who can’t see it in person, Microsoft revealed it today on its official Windows Phone blog. Standing right smack in the middle of Herald Square is a six-story Windows Phone which was constructed to commemorate […]

AT&T offers free Wi-Fi in select NYC parks
New York might be a sprawling metropolis, but that does not mean the place has no room for some greenery. There is this bunch of particularly iconic parks around the city, and apart from relaxing and exercising there, what else do you think you can do there? Of course, there are others who head to the park to get away from being connected, but there is also another group of […]

Windows Phone surprise next week
Microsoft has announced on the official Windows Phone blog that it has something special in store for us next Monday. The only hint that was given in the blog post is that it’s going to be something fun, and they’re going to bring Windows Phone to life in a “big, big, way.” For some reason the idea of a giant Windows Phone bouncing castle just springs to mind but hey, […]

New York has the most Twitter users among cities
The city of New York has broken yet another record – this time around, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey announced that New York City alone contains more Twitter users within its walls compared to any other city in the world – while playing host to the second most Twitter developers worldwide. Of course, the majority of New Yorkers would not be surprised at this news considering the city boasts […]

AT&T to throw Wi-Fi blanket in 20 New York City parks
AT&T intends to blanket up to 20 of New York City’s parks with Wi-Fi connectivity – not that we’re complaining, of course, but hopefully what AT&T has in store will be able to work as promised or intended. Currently, there are people who have experienced AT&T’s Wi-Fi networks, and somehow it isn’t exactly up to expectations, but then again humans can be a difficult bunch to please, no? All we […]

Smartphone snatching on the rise in NYC subway
According to a WSJ report (subscription required) that quotes NYPD  transit chief Raymond Diaz, smartphone snatching has been rising at an alarming rate, although it’s not clear how much of that contributes to the 18% increase in grand larceny incidents in the first quarter of 2011. In any case, the Police suggests that “rush hour” is the preferred hunting time for the thieves. They choose spots where a “snatch and run” […]

Sprint to announce 'another industry first' on Feb 7th
Despite CES ending a few days ago, Sprint still has some announcements in the bag for us. The carrier has begun to send out invitations to a press event that will be held early next month in New York City. There isn’t any indication of what will be announced on February 7th, which is a week before Mobile World Congress 2011, so we’re left guessing. The only hint we’ve got […]

NYC gets Allianz 4000, a hybrid street sweeper
Residents of the Big Apple who rise early will soon be able to see the Allianz 4000 hybrid street sweeper hit the, er, streets. This is touted to be the world’s first hybrid street sweeper, where it will have a 200 horsepower diesel engine that is aided by a couple of 12 volt lithium-ion batteries. With such mechanisms under the hood, the Allianz 4000 is capable of touching speeds of […]

AT&T, T-Mobile To Offer Cellular Service In NY Subway Stations
If you’ve been encountering cell phone signal issues in the New York City subways, a solution might be on the way as Transit Wireless has reached deals with AT&T and T-Mobile to provide cell phone access at subway stations. Both carriers have snagged a 10-year agreement to link their phones to Transit Wireless’ network in a deal that will eventually reach all 277 terminals in the city. Both carriers have […]

NYC Retailer Begins Accepting Pre-orders For The BlackBerry 9800 Slider
The BlackBerry 9800 slider phone hasn’t been unveiled just yet, but a NYC retailer, Mobile City Online, has already decided to begin accepting pre-orders for the device, and has priced it at $600. The phone on offer is an AT&T locked version, and boasts specifications such as BlackBerry OS 6, Wi-Fi, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB of built-in storage. There’s no confirmation as to whether such specifications are accurate just […]

AT&T Offers Free Wi-Fi In New York City
Good news for AT&T subscribers who hang around Times Square often, as the carrier has confirmed that it would be launching its first-ever outdoor Wi-Fi hotspot in Times Square. The hotspot will give anybody with an iPhone or AT&T smartphone unlimited Internet use as part of this pilot project. It has been acknowledged that testing might expand to three cities in the future, but there wasn’t any mention of which […]