Even though Kramer found swimming in the East River had its benefits, no living sane person would take a chance to swim in it due to its extremely polluted waters. But a new crowd funding project is being put together to place a floating pool in New York’s East RIver that would use the very water Kramer swam through, but it’ll provide filtered water, making the possibility of swimming in the East River a reality.

Archie Lee Coates IV, Jeffrey Franklin and Dong-Ping Wong are three designers who came up with the concept behind their floating filtered pool, simply called +POOL, a few years back through a successful Kickstarter campaign whose goal was to assist them in building the public swimming pool. Now they have returned to launch an additional Kickstarter campaign which they need to reach its goal of $250,000 in order to build a small +POOL “Float Lab” in the East River in August in order to properly test its filtration materials.

The three designers are rewarding Kickstarter backers starting at $199 with one of 70,000 engraved tiles which will be placed for all to see as it’ll make up the public pool’s deck, walls and floor of the pool. The designers hope to have the pool launched in 2016, depending on how much time it takes to gain approval from the necessary authorities.

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